Betraying America

March 31 – MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan, and Jane Hamsher, on offshore drilling, the oil industry, political corruption, and funding terrorism.


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    • Edger on April 3, 2010 at 22:24
  1. He is simply a triangulator, and to a large degree his and Rahm’s triangulation is to derive maximum corporate campaign contributions and still maintain enough voters to get re-elected, the voters can come from anywhere, Dems Independents or GOP.

    The Left, in this equation, is not needed at all, in fact punching the DFH’s will get Obama much positive MSM coverage.

    Obama is not betraying the Left, they are just a prop to be discarded when they are no longer useful to him.

    Jane Hamsher? (Meyer)

    Dylan Ratigan does nice rants on occasion.

  2. May 14-15 ….


    Looks like a good group.

  3. I certainly never saw Obama as part of the “left” but then I have high standards. It was pretty clear to most right-thinking people that Obama was a centrist technocrat in the mould of Clinton. Though I have a smidgen of sympathy for people who were caught up in the hype.  

  4. virtually everyone in the country, whether they have the sense to see it or not.  The exception being that he’s obviously not betraying the looter elite or patriarchal control-freaks.

    I propose a campaign slogan for Obama in 2012:  Re-elect Obama, he’ll suck less than (insert name of Republican candidate)!  After all, that’s the defence his supporters are using now.  Might as well make it official.

  5. I had a two month gig as a bartender on a cruise ship so I missed all of last month on DD..

    And as such I have read with regret your posts about your father.

    I am very sorry..

    I wish you nothing but the best…

    And that is more than I can say for those fools over at Daily….

  6. I had an excellent week.

    We gave the kids one last suburban hurrah.  A family cookout and Easter party.  One thousand eggs, hayrides on the Apocalypse Ranch, ice cream sundaes, a rented bounch house and a newly constructed swing set.  It was a fun filled day totally exhausting my for my three year old grandson.  I followed up with an excellent spring trail ride today on horses pent up and scared shitless about hundred year floods happening every five years.  Horses are smart.  They remember the water coming into their stalls just as I know of the geo-engineering weather modification efforts to alleviate the fictional CO2 Bernie Madoff global parasite bank of carbon crap is crap.  I even got a “nigger hating” person to admit a black guy was a decent person in all of this.  My blacklisted racist ass aside.  I recently learned his parents are into the big pharma drug “Fuckitall” and have learned to alter their brain chemisty to avoid the concept of America they grew up in.

    No wonder mainsteam is loosing viewers.

    Now my take on the allowance of drilling.  Well, torsional vortex imaging done on the entire planet earth may show that there are no resouces there anyway.  That way the globalist fuckwad may “allow” drilling before he crashes all trade carbon fucks us all into complete oblivion with ten bucks a gallon gas.

    Now as to the dailykos who rejects 911 truth and the TeaBagger who also reject 911 truth, both happen to fully endorse the tazering of grandma, tapes from the ghost of Bin Laden and the electronic saving of the colonoscopy I didn’t have due to my mistrust of western medicine over the swine flu martial law pandemic that didn’t happen.

    I don’t think the island of Guam will capsize and sink into the ocean nor do I support the opposition party spending money on a blast at a lesbian bondage club especially if both want to call me a terrorist for teaching them government sucks and is the enemy.

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