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Doctor, My Eyes Tell Me What Is Wrong

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Doctor, my eyes have seen the years

And the slow parade of fears without crying

Now I want to understand

I have done all that I could

To see the evil and the good without hiding

You must help me if you can

Antiwar.com’s quarterly fundraiser going on now!

Just in case you didn’t know, antiwar.com’s quarterly fundraiser is going on right now.  If you think they do a good job, why don’t you kick in a bit?  They offer several ways to donate, including getting a percentage from an Amazon.com purchase.  Just think, that Finger Lickin’ new Janet Evanovich mystery you’ve been wanting to buy can go to help antiwar.com.  This is how I made my donation this quarter.

Antiwar.com’s quarterly fundraiser begins today!

Originally from Antiwar.com:

They say it better than I can.

Liquidating the Empire

Original article, by Pat Buchanan, via antiwar.com:

“Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmers.”

So Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon advised Herbert Hoover in the Great Crash of ’29.

Hoover did. And the nation liquidated him – and the Republicans.

Raimondo: Biden Means Business As Usual

Original article, sub-headed What ‘new politics’?, by Justin Raimondo via antiwar.com:

To anyone who really believed Barack Obama’s candidacy represented “hope” and “change,” the selection of Joe Biden as his running mate should put that illusion to rest. Antiwar activists point to Biden’s vote in favor of authorizing Bush to go to war with Iraq, but even worse was his behavior in the run-up to the invasion.

NOTE: Raimondo heavily hyperlinks inside the original article (as he does with all of his articles for antiwar.com).

Antiwar.com’s fundraiser starts Monday!

That’s right, the net’s leading antiwar site is starting their quarterly fundraiser on Monday!

Anti-war.com needs your help! w/poll!


Sure, it’s a bit to the libertarian side for me (libertarians being anarchists whithout conviction (!)), but on the other side of things, Justin Raimondo is somewhat of an Obama fan.