Liquidating the Empire

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Original article, by Pat Buchanan, via

“Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmers.”

So Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon advised Herbert Hoover in the Great Crash of ’29.

Hoover did. And the nation liquidated him – and the Republicans.

Say what you will about Pat, and I disagree with him probably 75% of the time, when he’s on, he’s on. The reality of our current situation is that we can’t afford the empire any more. Capitalism, which our current neoliberal version has shown to be a failure, needs ever expanding markets to succeed. The anvil of capitalism has been our military might. Now, with the collapse of our form of capitalism, we can’t afford to keep up our mighty empire. Don’t feel bad. It happend to Rome and to England.

Pat goes on to point out that we may be facing our first trillion dollar deficit (well, that is if everything’s kept on the books, which it won’t be). He points out that it’s unlikely that social programs will bear the brunt of cuts due to the recession/depression. Which leaves the military. The military’s asking for $450 billion more over the next five years.  Only a fool would give it to them.

The article is a good read, and well worth the time it will take to do so.  Also, while you’re there, take a look at, the internet’s leading antiwar site.  If you don’t like Pat, there are a myriad of writers to read.  If you find the site to your liking, why not drop them some monetary support (I’ve donated the last two fund drives).  When it comes to being antiwar, it’s not a left-right split.

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    • pfiore8 on October 14, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    because you are right: when he’s making sense, then he’s clear as a bell. but then the team thing kicks in and he suddenly sounds like a party hack. at least he can surprise you… so i like that about him. and it makes me think somewhere, he’s sincere about that which he believes. i’d rather have a true believer than McCain… doing and saying anything to get elected. yuk.

    as for American empire… well, it will be a relief i think for it to be over. BUT we need to retain our coolness… our vibrancy and innovative selves. maybe another big dog taking the “empire” title will allow us to thrive at others things than war and the military industrial complex and expanding consumer markets.

    yeah. it could be a good thing. as long as we fight to keep our respectability. that is v.v.v. important to me. for me. make of it what you will…

  1. From what I can see, former European heavyweights such as Germany and France have become relaxed, life-affirming peoples now that the high anxiety of seizing and hanging on to their empires is no longer a monkey on their backs. They spend a lot more time smelling the coffee (and the beer, and the fresh-baked bread, and the Schwarzwald Tochter cake) than we empire-obsessed poor fools do. That thing that’s blowing past us as we struggle to stay on top? That’s life, people! And we need to grab on to it and cherish it!

    • Alec82 on October 15, 2008 at 5:47 am

    So many years ago…before and during the war.  I found that it made arguments with conservative supporters a little more interesting.  

    However, no Kudos to Pat Buchanan.  His ultimate opposition to the conspiracy esque “New World Order” of Jewish bankers and godless sodomites is ultimately what inspires and sustains his version of populism.  He’s no friend of the left.  Also….he’d change his tune the instant it served his purpose or whims.  Recall his prayers/hopes for the death of Hugo Chavez.  I’d say he does have some secret concern for the sustainability of the American empire.    

  2. the other way around. It’s been growing increasingly autonomous for half a century.

    • RUKind on October 15, 2008 at 7:40 am

    The United Socialist States of America. Buy the banks and fire the executives. Strip them of their parachutes. Stop the insane crop subsidies for millionaires and billionaires and put the money toward family farms. And now that we’re a socialist country we should get free government paid health care for all. Saw today that Cuba and Iran have excellent models that we might want to copy.

    We already have our Stasi and KGB. Palin is warming up the Brownshirts as we speak. The massive round-up exercise has had enough batting practice to be released in its 1.0 version. We’ve got everything we need. We’re socialists now; we don’t look back.

    Nixon opened the door to China and George Bush brought us socialism. What a party! What a country it was! Good night, Comrades.




    • brione on October 15, 2008 at 7:51 am

    Everything is changing all the time. It sounds trite, and, written out like this, it is trite!

    Still, all we need to do is to look at yesterday and today, and see that everything, EVERYTHING, is constantly in a state of flux.

    It’s our job to embrace that. When Barack Obama talks about change, he’s talking about CHANGE; the big change, the stuff that’s changing the cells in our bodies, the hair on our heads.

    If we’re going to be contributing to a blog with the word “dharma” in it, it behooves us to get in tune with the Dharma.

    The dharma isn’t some religious thing (although “some” would like us to think it is, so it can be marginalized).

    The dharma is the best word that we have to describe what this human (indeed, not just human!), life is all about.

    The dharma is our best hope to get a handle on what this life is about and to see that our hope is in the ability of humans (and all beings) to wake up to the truth of what is facing us and to react in an intelligent (and earthly) way.

    The dharma is truth and whatever is true is the dharma. If it’s true, it’s dharma. If it’s not true, it ain’t. If the dharma is the dharma, we can rely on it and if it isn’t, it isn’t the dharma.


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