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Sure, it’s a bit to the libertarian side for me (libertarians being anarchists whithout conviction (!)), but on the other side of things, Justin Raimondo is somewhat of an Obama fan.

If you’re serious about being anti-war, you already know about  It’s the goto site on the internet for antiwar information, and it doesn’t look askance if it’s the left or the right which is promoting the war.

They’re having their fundraising drive right now, and it’s not gone well.  The way I look at it, it’d be great if those of us who oppose war took some of the bribe stimulus check that our warmongering administration (and, to a great extent, Congress) handed out and spent it on support for such sites as  I’ve made a donation, already, in that spirit.

Do I ever expect Justin Raimondo ever to become a diarist here at DD?  No.  Do I ever expect him to become a liberal Dem?  No.  Do I expect that he’ll keep fighting the good fight against the war party and affiliated warmongers?  As long as he is able.  It’d be a shame if went by the wayside.

You can donate here.

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  1. It’s a site, much like DD, that fights the good fight.

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