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They say it better than I can.

Now more than ever.

For eight years, the United States has been ruled by a bevy of warmongers that has few precedents in world history. Their relentlessness, their brutality, their seemingly unlimited capacity for deceit – the end of all this is like waking after a long nightmare. But can we really breathe a sigh of relief? Can we let down our guard?

We certainly do feel better with George W. Bush and his cabal of war-makers banished from the White House. But now we must seize this moment to press our agenda of peace and nonintervention.

You can bet our bipartisan War Party isn’t going to just slink away. Far from it. They’re redoubling their efforts to infiltrate this administration. In the name of “pragmatism,” they want to end all debate about the need for a fundamental rethinking of American foreign policy.

That’s why we must press even harder to bring our troops home from Iraq and expose the myths and misinformation at the heart of the argument for confronting Iran. A campaign to scare up Russia as a “threat” is in the works, and the president-elect has pledged to escalate the war in Afghanistan, and perhaps even spread it to Pakistan.

Peace is not breaking out all over. has been demanding real change for over a decade, and now we see a glimmer of hope, as well as new dangers. But we can’t keep up the struggle without your financial support. We depend on you, our readers, to keep this site going. Your generous tax-deductible donations sustained us for all these years, and we’re asking for your help once more. Now more than ever, America needs

Don’t support them because of ideology. On it’s ‘pages’ you’ll find writings from people across the political spectrum. Don’t support them because it’s cool, even though what could be cooler than an end to our capitlalistic imperialism? Support them because they’re right and are fighting the good fight all of us who are anti-war should be engaged in.

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