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How about a Booster shot for Cheney’s Failing Memory

Exhibit A:  Cheney Knows Nothing!


Melanie Sloan:

In his FBI interview  

He [Cheney] says, ‘I don’t recall.’ ‘I don’t remember.’ ‘I don’t know.’ well over 75 times

Why is it Cheney always has something to say

except for when it comes to owning up to his own actions?

Uncle Cheney: ‘I don’t recall.’ ‘I don’t remember.’ ‘I dont know.’

Why the fawning Media runs to cover, every ranting statement that Dick Cheney, mumbles — I’ll never understand?   When really they should be bringing him a Blanket, a Rocking Chair, and maybe a super-hero comic book.

Dick Cheney’s FBI Interview Notes on Valerie Plame Leak

Oct 30, 2009,  TalkLeft

Cheney could not recall 22 things, including, whether he had ever told Scooter Libby about Valerie Plame. Via Mother Jones, A list is below

It seems the old man, may be suffering from Amnesia, Dementia, or perhaps even Unchecked-Power-withdrawals?  

But don’t take my word for it, you be the judge.  Are these the actions of a rational, stable man…

Cheney Lawyer already leaked “Privileged” interview 3 yrs ago. Irony

A hat tip to emptyhweel for catching this one.

    You know how Obama’s DOJ claims that we can’t see Cheney’s interview with Patrick Fitzgerald because it’s privileged? Well, Dick Cheney’s own lawyer already leaked the so-called privileged content three years ago.

A lawyer familiar with the investigation, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter, told NEWSWEEK that the “president declassified the information and authorized and directed the vice president to get it out.” But Bush “didn’t get into how it would be done. He was not involved in selecting Scooter Libby or Judy Miller.” Bush made the decision to put out the NIE material in late June, when the press was beginning to raise questions about the WMD but before Wilson published his op-ed piece. [my emphasis]


     I interpret this as another Bush “Git R Done” moment where he hands off to Cheney and goes back to playing Guitar Hero.

    I guess that puts the lid on the fact that Libby fell on the grenade for Cheney. Good thing Bush the War Criminal gave Libby a commuted sentence 5 minutes later.

   Yes, these idiots managed to leak the priveledged interview about the leak of Valerie Plame’s identity. If they weren’t so genuinely incompetent I would say that Bush/Cheney was trying to be stupid.

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Friday Night at 8: Meanderings

I keep thinking, for some reason, of Patrick Fitzgerald, as an authentic American.  I remember when he would give press conferences on the Libby case and no one was able to spin what he said.

And I think his acceptance of limitation had something to do with it.

The I-Ching says (Wilhelm/Baynes edition), in the hexagram of “Kou/Coming to Meet”:

The superior man always stays where he belongs.  He comes only into his own domain.  … The inferior man has to depend on a lucky chance.

I sometimes forget that Scooter Libby was convicted on four of five charges, convicted of lying and obstruction of justice in the Plame affair.  I sometimes forget this because, of course, Mister Bush immediately pardoned him.

But Patrick Fitzgerald was able to make the case and convict Libby.

I think of the word “limitation” because of how Fitzgerald spoke during those press conferences.  He didn’t try to moralize or speak politically.  He spoke only of his job and explained what obstruction of justice meant (the notion of “kicking sand in the umpire’s face”) and stuck to the facts of what he could say.  He never deviated from this no matter what the press asked him.  So there was nothing to spin.

It’s The Republicans, Stupid!

Post partisan my ass! That MIGHT be a good theme as a campaign strategy. It MIGHT appeal to an electorate tired of the incompetent,  ineffectual and just plain stupid brand of government they have been getting for the last ten years….you know, since the incredibly partisan impeachment of Bill Clinton by the Republican Congress….

It might sound … nice …and evenhanded and reasonable and mature and responsible and all that. But it ignores the simple and undeniable fact that since the Republicans lied, cheated and smeared (including smearing their current champion when he was running against Bush) their way into having full unfettered dominance of the government…..just about everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and the country is in sad, sorry shape.

Because of the Republicans.

Everything the Republicans has touched in the last decade has turned to crap. From the micro (life saving stem cell research) to the macro (Climate Crisis) the Republicans have had full power to implement their vision, programs and policies….and have gotten it disastrously wrong every single time.


McClellan, Writing and Truth

Is this a Judas move? So asks Bill O’Reilly:

Milder reactions have emanated from the White House, ranging from being “puzzled”, intimating that McClellan didn’t write this book because it “doesn’t sound like him, it sounds like a left-wing blogger”, that this is an “out of body experience”, that McClellan was “disgruntled”, that “something dramatically has changed”, that the editor “tweaked some things in the past few months” and “wrote a lot of it”…

…and on, and on, and on.

But the process of writing is sitting in front of a blank screen, staring into one’s soul.