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Cheney Lawyer already leaked “Privileged” interview 3 yrs ago. Irony

A hat tip to emptyhweel for catching this one.

    You know how Obama’s DOJ claims that we can’t see Cheney’s interview with Patrick Fitzgerald because it’s privileged? Well, Dick Cheney’s own lawyer already leaked the so-called privileged content three years ago.

A lawyer familiar with the investigation, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter, told NEWSWEEK that the “president declassified the information and authorized and directed the vice president to get it out.” But Bush “didn’t get into how it would be done. He was not involved in selecting Scooter Libby or Judy Miller.” Bush made the decision to put out the NIE material in late June, when the press was beginning to raise questions about the WMD but before Wilson published his op-ed piece. [my emphasis]


     I interpret this as another Bush “Git R Done” moment where he hands off to Cheney and goes back to playing Guitar Hero.

    I guess that puts the lid on the fact that Libby fell on the grenade for Cheney. Good thing Bush the War Criminal gave Libby a commuted sentence 5 minutes later.

   Yes, these idiots managed to leak the priveledged interview about the leak of Valerie Plame’s identity. If they weren’t so genuinely incompetent I would say that Bush/Cheney was trying to be stupid.

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