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McClellan, Writing and Truth

Is this a Judas move? So asks Bill O’Reilly:

Milder reactions have emanated from the White House, ranging from being “puzzled”, intimating that McClellan didn’t write this book because it “doesn’t sound like him, it sounds like a left-wing blogger”, that this is an “out of body experience”, that McClellan was “disgruntled”, that “something dramatically has changed”, that the editor “tweaked some things in the past few months” and “wrote a lot of it”…

…and on, and on, and on.

But the process of writing is sitting in front of a blank screen, staring into one’s soul.

I Am Scared And Need Advise

This is a personal essay/story so I understand if there is a lack of interest. But I am scared, have good reasons to be and need advise as I am in panic mode when I need to be calm. Those of you who can,please help me with your thoughts.