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Sen. Leahy: Obama could nominate Moses, GOP would demand his birth certificate

     I think Al Franken is writing jokes for his fellow Democratic Senators, and I like it.

Witness teh funny

     “We have some Republicans who would automatically oppose anybody who was nominated,” Leahy said. “The President could nominate Moses the Law Giver. In fact I told the President, I said you realize if you’d nominated Moses the Law Giver, somebody would raise, ‘but he doesn’t have a birth certificate! Where’s his birth certificate!'”


   The bigger news is Senate Judiciary chairman Leahy’s statement that Kagan should get confirmation vote before August .

But for more of teh funny and the reality deprived GOP’s reaction, just go below the fold . . .  

LOL! Palin Booed by her supporters for quitting book signing halfway through

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    Sometimes art imitates life, and as far as fiction goes, “Going Rogue” by Sarah Palin is truly a work of art just as a plate of dinner thrown at the wall can be, in a sense.

   “I’m very disappointed. I think it was very rude. She could have at least apologized, and she didn’t even do that,” said Teresa Hedrick. […]

   “We bought two books from Borders to have our receipt and our wristband to get it signed tonight,” said one woman. “My books are going back to Borders tomorrow.”

   “We gave up our entire workday, stayed in the cold. My kids were crying,” said one man. “They went home with my wife. She was out here in the freezing cold all day. I feel like I don’t want to support Sarah.”


    Nothing screams Maverick and Leadership louder than throwing supporters under the bus just moments after they bought your crappy ghost written book, does it? How else does one gain the approval of the masses in politics without proving that you are capable of making the tough decisions to get the public’s attention, and then as soon as you have the masses approval, showing the guts to make tough decisions like kicking them to the curb ASAP like the useless, duped saps that they are. That isn’t indifference, it’s political strategery, you betcha. (Written in Palinspeak for any potential RW lurkers)

    Gods, it’s like they cloned Bush as a woman.

    My only guess after hearing of this story is how Fox News will make this look like a crowd of angry protesters railing against the Government.

    Just one more bit of proof that the one thing Sarah Palin does well is quit half way through the job while leaving people mystified as to why people support Sarah Palin in the first place.


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Colbert on torture trials, John Yoo PUNKD





    And now this should be an instant classic. Our Aussie brothers now how to pull a practical joke. Here they totally destroy John Yoo!

    Just watch!

    If only we were allowed to talk about politics on television, instead of engaging in the witch hunt for easter eggs on a daily basis.

    I think there is one hidden up Lou Dobbs ass.

Pony Party: Welcome, Al Franken!

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Late Night ‘Tooning

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