Sen. Leahy: Obama could nominate Moses, GOP would demand his birth certificate

     I think Al Franken is writing jokes for his fellow Democratic Senators, and I like it.

Witness teh funny

     “We have some Republicans who would automatically oppose anybody who was nominated,” Leahy said. “The President could nominate Moses the Law Giver. In fact I told the President, I said you realize if you’d nominated Moses the Law Giver, somebody would raise, ‘but he doesn’t have a birth certificate! Where’s his birth certificate!'”

   The bigger news is Senate Judiciary chairman Leahy’s statement that Kagan should get confirmation vote before August .

But for more of teh funny and the reality deprived GOP’s reaction, just go below the fold . . .  

    “It would be hard to find people in this country who would stand out as a greater legal scholar than she does,” Leahy insisted. “She will be confirmed.”

    But that wont stop the hateful, corporatist Republican party and their band of looney henchmen. Just observe the following posts from today.

Barrasso Pledges To Make The Constitutionality Of Health Care A Major Issue In Kagan’s Confirmation Hearings

   Yup, not warrantless wiretapping, not Miranda rights or anything substantial, Wyoming Senator Barrasso would rather shout at clouds.

Far-Right Group AFA Demands To Know Kagan’s Sexuality, Since ‘No Lesbian Is Qualified’ To Sit On SCOTUS


We cannot afford to have another sexually abnormal individual in a position of important civic responsibility

   Yo, AFA, you should check out Senator David Vitter and Senator John Ensign’s private lives, or just google

After Calling Her ‘Very Respectable’ And ‘Impressive,’ Kristol Bashes Kagan As ‘Hostile To The Military’

   As always, Wile. E. Bill Kristol, super genius

   Back on the reality based planet known as earth, there is a strong progressive case for the nomination and confirmation of Elana Kagan, and has put together a very strong case for Elena Kagan based on her progressive stances that I advise everyone to read. For me, this is the best reason why Progressives should support Elena Kagan’s nomination.

    Kagan spoke out in the clearest possible terms against an amendment offered by Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) which would have stripped detainees of any meaningful access to judicial process:

   “To put this most pointedly,” the letter said, “were the Graham amendment to become law, a person suspected of being a member of al-Qaeda could be arrested, transferred to Guantanamo, detained indefinitely … subjected to inhumane treatment, tried before a military commission and sentenced to death without any express authorization from Congress and without review by any independent federal court. The American form of government was established precisely to prevent this kind of unreviewable exercise of power over the lives of individuals. ”

   “When dictatorships have passed” similar laws, said the deans, “our government has rightly challenged such acts as fundamentally lawless. The same standard should apply to our own government.”

    But as for Republican opposition to Moses the law giver’s nomination to the Supreme Court, I would figure that is an obvious one. At the very least they would object to the 9th COMMANDMENT Exodus 20:16 “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”

   Because without fabricating facts (i.e. LYING), what would Conservatives have to talk about all day?

   I leave you with this final thought from

   In fairness to Republicans, they’d also likely characterize Moses as a judicial activist who foisted Ten Commandments on the people.


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  1. anyone who can piss off Dick Cheney the way he did is A-Ok in my book.


  2. Obama has fucked the court for progressives for 30 years AT LEAST.  Trust me, the GOP is not at all as upset as they are making out.

    Kagan will screw us, mark my words.  She is NOT a progressive or a liberal.  Besides as Solicitor General she was entirely ineffective in the case that was supposed to give her what I view as her ONLY “liberal” credentials…citizens united.

    Obama had a chance to tilt this court left for the next few decades. This moves us right.

    Oh and despite the broad interpretation of the Commerce Clause the GOP actually has a good argument on the unconstitutionality of the health care bill.  I am not commerce….and you cannot regulate me as commerce.

  3. she must suck.

  4. would demand his birth certificate, the natural question would be – why didn’t he?

    Why did he nominate a centrist?

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