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Monday Morning Meta Madness

hitchhikingYou see, my goal for DocuDharma is to make it a cool place to hang out.  A no pressure zone where you can let it slip on occasion that you’re part of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party without having people get all in your face like you’re a Yankee fan.  A virtual Cheers where everyone knows your name Norm! and you can ignore blowhards like Cliff.

Liveblogging is hard, but no harder than on many other platforms.  You just have to remember to hit the ‘Refresh’ button on your browser instead of admiring your last bon mot for an hour or two.

On the other hand (appointment blogging) it sucks when you get no feedback from your audience.

Now I don’t seem to have a problem with that so much in part because I don’t care what people think, and also I’m perfectly comfortable expressing my interior dialog (and they called me mad at the institute).  I talk to myself all day every day and twice as much on Sundays.

And I watch TV.  All the time.  I can’t remember the last time I turned it off.

Coming up in GroundHog Month are some major sports events that I think we can enjoy together-

Puppy Bowl, Curling, America’s Cup.

While I’m content to try and provide content myself, I think the Olympics is a little more than I can handle even on steroids and I’d like some volunteers.

Oh you betcha.

Vikings v. Saints Liveblogging

Before we start I’d like to make a meta statement-

DocuDharma is the home of guilt free Lefty sports blogging.

I intend to cover Puppy Bowl VI and Curling and Speed Skating and The America’s Cup.

So, let’s talk about Brett Favre, Super Quarterback-

15 Years with the Green Bay Packers, my second choice team after the Giants because I’m only half troll and my Viking forebearer was actually one of the original investors in what is the only publicly owned team in the NFL.

Add that to his miserable year at the helm of the Jets which while not my favorite is at least local to Stars Hollow (as are the Patsies) and you may sense my sense of betrayal and resentment that he is now playing for our hated rivals, the Vikings of Minnesota however much I may admire that at 120 years he is the oldest man in the NFL.

The Saints are good for once after years and years (and years) of futility and I have one word for you-


So now you know how every right thinking fan should root and if you don’t…

Well, you’re still welcome below.

Jets v. Colts Liveblogging

So the storyline goes something like this-

Colts == Peyton Manning, Super Quarterback.

For the last 2 weeks of the season, after they clinched the playoffs, the Colts put their scrubs on the field including the game on the 27th that they lost to the Jets 29 – 15.

In addition they totally dicked over Baltimore in their move to Indianapolis.

Now as satisfying as it would be to see them punished for their arrogance, I’ll take the time to remind you the Jets are one of the most conservative donating teams in the NFL (though the league as a whole is only slightly less conservative than NASCAR) so it’s basically a pick ’em on who to hate more.

It doesn’t matter anyway since they’re both playing for second because both the Vikings and the Saints can beat either of them.

Starting Now on CBS.



You’ll have to wait on that Weekend News Digest for sure.

Liveblogging 101: Meta

If you search Wikipedia or on-line dictionaries for “liveblog” or any of the word’s variations, nothing turns up. Yet, if you google it, over 17,000,000 hits show up. It is obviously a word and its use is widespread. But what does it mean?

There have been many liveblogging events over on dailykos and every time I’ve clicked on one to check it out, it has been an utterly useless waste of my time. I don’t have cable TV, so my hope, when I log in to a liveblog, is to get information and perspectives on events that I can’t witness as they happen. Maybe even direct quotes from (or paraphrases of) the substance of the dialog. Or summaries! Instead, I get tons of irrelevant comments and sidebar debates that do absolutely nothing to illuminate me on the event. So many comments such as – “Obama’s reponse was great!” – and when I click on it, nothing – neither the question, nor the response is provided. Plus, the commenter didn’t even have the courtesy of amending their comment with n/t (no text) or eom (end of message.)

Does anyone else here think that liveblogging could be a much more effective tool than it has been in its recent manifestations? If so, hop in a barrel and follow me over the fa-a-a-a-alls.