Tag: Monday Morning Meta Madness

Monday Morning Meta Madness

Mo’ Meta, mo’ betta.

Monday Morning Meta Madness

More thoughts on scheduling, what else?

Monday Morning Meta Madness

hitchhikingYou see, my goal for DocuDharma is to make it a cool place to hang out.  A no pressure zone where you can let it slip on occasion that you’re part of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party without having people get all in your face like you’re a Yankee fan.  A virtual Cheers where everyone knows your name Norm! and you can ignore blowhards like Cliff.

Liveblogging is hard, but no harder than on many other platforms.  You just have to remember to hit the ‘Refresh’ button on your browser instead of admiring your last bon mot for an hour or two.

On the other hand (appointment blogging) it sucks when you get no feedback from your audience.

Now I don’t seem to have a problem with that so much in part because I don’t care what people think, and also I’m perfectly comfortable expressing my interior dialog (and they called me mad at the institute).  I talk to myself all day every day and twice as much on Sundays.

And I watch TV.  All the time.  I can’t remember the last time I turned it off.

Coming up in GroundHog Month are some major sports events that I think we can enjoy together-

Puppy Bowl, Curling, America’s Cup.

While I’m content to try and provide content myself, I think the Olympics is a little more than I can handle even on steroids and I’d like some volunteers.

Oh you betcha.