Jets v. Colts Liveblogging

So the storyline goes something like this-

Colts == Peyton Manning, Super Quarterback.

For the last 2 weeks of the season, after they clinched the playoffs, the Colts put their scrubs on the field including the game on the 27th that they lost to the Jets 29 – 15.

In addition they totally dicked over Baltimore in their move to Indianapolis.

Now as satisfying as it would be to see them punished for their arrogance, I’ll take the time to remind you the Jets are one of the most conservative donating teams in the NFL (though the league as a whole is only slightly less conservative than NASCAR) so it’s basically a pick ’em on who to hate more.

It doesn’t matter anyway since they’re both playing for second because both the Vikings and the Saints can beat either of them.

Starting Now on CBS.



You’ll have to wait on that Weekend News Digest for sure.


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  1. Weekend News Digest will be up sometime between the games, depending on how entertaining this one is.

  2. by saying how pathetic it is to cite the Namath Jets as precedent for this game.

  3. less that 15 points per game for the last 8 games.

  4. that it depends on the Jets rushing game and ball control.

    That can win games, we’ll see.

  5. Out past the 30.

  6. 13 Yards.

  7. before he made the catch, covered by two guys?

  8. Touting their no bag charge policy.

    Were I an ad buyer I’d target these playoff games, they’re much, much cheaper.

  9. Jets on Colts 30.

    Musta been a turnover I missed.

  10. 14 First Down.

  11. Missed FG.

  12. Windows 7 sucks.

    You want reliable?  XP.

    You want new?  Ubuntu.

  13. So…

  14. they are just jamming in the commercials.

    You’d think CBS didn’t have the Super Bowl Broadcast.

  15. Broken tackle.

    Injury time out.

    More Commercials.

  16. High Def.

    Who needs it?

  17. Jets 10.

  18. From the 10 that’s not so bad.


    Game clock expired!

    Hope you had 0 – 0 in your office pool.

  19. That was a soft catch.

  20. But did you notice that both goals are labeled for the Colts?

  21. Jets are tough in the Red Zone.

  22. 14 – 6.

  23. It was always fumbles.

    • TMC on January 24, 2010 at 22:20
  24. 17 – 13.

    Hope you weren’t counting on the office pool to pay the rent.

  25. Just the same as Beltway Bozos!

  26. You heard it here first.

    • Eddie C on January 24, 2010 at 22:48

    That January 12, 1969 was my thirteenth birthday and I’ve been waiting since then.

    It is only half time but I am one native New Yorker that is feeling very good.  

  27. 20 to 17.

  28. Check your pool cards.

  29. Two score game.

    And more Colt’s fanboy rooting from the announcers.

    • Eddie C on January 24, 2010 at 23:51

    Maybe if I turn off the TV when the clock reads 1:05 karma can give me a reverse Heidi game.  

    • TMC on January 24, 2010 at 23:59

    I’m rooting for the Saints.

  30. Did I mention they were among the most Republican contributing teams in the NFL?

  31. Game over dude.

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