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Glock Party

Adapted from The Stars Hollow Gazette

Real Time with Bill Maher March 30th, 2012

Right to Protect Your Home, Car Elevators, Zimmerman, Absurd Laws

Glenn Greenwald, Bill Maher, Andrew Sullivan

Adapted from The Stars Hollow Gazette The Rant of the Week

Glenn Greenwald was a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher and exposes just how hypocritical Maher and Sullivan are.

One irony is that it was preceded by a discussion of hate crimes prosecutions (in the context of the Trayvon Martin and Tyler Clementi cases) in which both Maher and Andrew Sullivan insisted that Americans have the inviolable right to express even the most hateful and repellent opinions without being punished for it by the state, yet were both supportive of the Awlaki killing, an act grounded overwhelmingly if not exclusively in the U.S. government’s hatred and fear of his political speech. The discussion also included Brown University’s Wendy Schiller.

Subways Are For The Elite

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Bill Maher on the Right’s ‘Real America’ Fantasy

OWS: Grayson Schools a Conservative on the Economy

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Former Congressman and now congressional candidate from his old Florida district, Alan Grayson was a guest on Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO along with former humorist PJ O’Rourke. When the subject turned to Occupy Wall Street Grayson gave O’Rourke a priceless lesson in basic economics.

Thanks to Crooks & Liars for both the video and the transcript.

O’Rourke: Get your shoes off, get a bongo drum, forget where to go to the bathroom and it’s yours.

Grayson: If I am the spokesman for all the people who think we should not have twenty four million people in this country who can’t find a full time job. That we should not have fifty million people who can’t see a doctor when they’re sick. That we shouldn’t have forty seven million people of this country who need government help to feed themselves. And we shouldn’t have fifteen million families who owe more on their mortgage than the value of home, OK, I’ll be that spokesman..

What Yves Smith said

One of the intriguing things about the commentary by the media and political operatives on OccupyWallStreet is how often they try to denigrate it, usually via ridicule and attacks on the appearance or presumed demographics of the participants. The underlying message is that the protestors are slovenly unproductive losers and hence have nothing in common with respectable middle class people. That flies in the face of the evidence on the ground, where the crowd in Zuccotti Park has gotten to be both older and more mixed ethnically than it was at its inception, and many of the Occupy demonstrations in other cities have solid representation of the middle aged and retirees.

Alan Grayson spooke with Rachel Maddow about the litany of economic grievances that are behind the Occupy Wall Street movement sweeping across America.

If you watch the video at Maddow’s site there is a transcript

Maher’s New Rule: Stuff Your Oil Industry Jobs

New Rule: Stop talking about “jobs” being lost in a murderous, hateful industry like it’s a bad thing.

You know what happens when windmills collapse into the sea?

A splash.

Bernie Sanders, Member of the Progressive Caucus, Cuts to Chase with Maher


US Health Care “Best” in the World — in Per Capita Cost

Since the GOP is fond of saying that “the USA has the Best Health Care System in the World”, I decided to do a little Fact Checking. … And according to the World Health Organization:

Health Performance Rank By Country

United States of America:

Performance: On level of health : 72nd

Performance: Overall health system: 37th

Health expenditure per capita in international $’s

Country Rank:  USA: 1st


We’re Number One! alright — BUT only in terms of HOW MUCH WE PAY PER PERSON, for our Health Care! (1st in the World, in terms of Cost)

That’s sounds like a contest, that we just don’t want to keep winning!

Bill Maher DESTROYS teh Birthers: Sentient being vs the Lizard People

Fucking hysterical. Bill, as only he can, sets the record straight.

   Luaghing it off has also been the reaction from the Democratic leaders, proving that Democrats never learn.


    This birther stuff might be a deluded time wasting right wing obsession, but so was whitewater, and look where that ended up. Liberals said ” oh, what are they gonna do, keep expanding the case until they impeach the Preisdent over a blowjob?”

   Bill Maher rocks. He used the example of the swift boat lies that cost Kerry the election because of how stupid the arguement was, and look what that got him. A war hero losing based on cowardice at war to a numb nuts fake cowboy who never served at all.

   Yes, the birther issue is a waste of time, stupid and embarrassing, but we have to smack it down, over and over, otherwise it will become a bigger waste of time, and any progress you might have hoped to get out of Obama will get sidetracked totally. For all of Obama’s shortcomings, the only thing worse than not enough is nothing at all, and that is what we will get if you don’t knock the shit out of this nonsense right now.

  Some people might say, ” let the GOP run with this, it’s their problem. ”

  I say no. We have to share this fucking country with them, troglodites that they are. Their problem IS our problem, and ignoring it won’t make it go away. You want proof of that? Just look at Dick Cheney.

  More from Bill.

    This birther stuff might be a deluded time wasting right wing obsession, but so was whitewater, and look where that ended up. Liberals said ” oh, what are they gonna do, keep expanding the case until they impeach the Preisdent over a blowjob?”


    Dummies talking to other dummies.


    It is so important that we, the few, the proud, the reality based, attack this stuff before it has a chance to fester and spread. This is not a case of Democrats versus Republicans, it is sentient beings versus the Lizard People. And it is to the Lizard People that I offer this deal, I will show you President Obama’s birth certificate when you show me Sarah Palin’s high school diploma.

   I don’t know which part I appreciated more, the Reality based part, or the part where he calls them Lizard People.

   I can only say this in conclusion. After onloy 6 months out of power, this is where the GOP and Conservatives are. Insane, not to be negotiated with, they are like the meth addict who sees Streisand faced spiiders crfawling on them.

  It is going to be a looooonnngggg 4 years.

Bill Maher: New Rule “Not everything in America has to make a profit”

   And you wonder why they fear socialism.


    “But Bill, the profit motive is what sustains Capitalism. Yes, and our sex drive is what sustains the human species but we don’t try to fuck everything!”.


   “The problem with President Obama’s health care plan is not socialism, it is capitalism.”


   “It’s not just medicine, prisons used to be a non profit thing.”


   “It is not a coincidence that we outsourced running prisons to private coporations and then the number of prisoners skyrocketed.”


   “And my final example of the profit motive screwing something up that used to be good when it was non-profit . . . TV NEWS!

   I heard all the news anchors this week talk about how much better the news coverage was back in Cronkites day, and I thought, ‘Gee, if only you were in a position to do something about it.’ ”

   Class warfare.

   In order to make a super profit we rape the earth and enslave our fellow human beings. Can you think of ANYTHING that is Big Business that doen’t do one or the other?

   We need to PUSH BACK, YELL LOUDER, whatever it takes.

   We need to March on Washington this summer for health care if they are going to vacation while main street burns. We need to march for health care, for war crimes accountability, to audit the Fed, for many reasons.

   The status quo is not just untenable, it is KILLING US.

   We need to march for justice.

   And I will lead the way, if you will follow me.

   So, who’s coming with me?

Bill Maher: ‘Democrats are the new Republicans’

Bill Maher’s ‘New Rules’ June 19, Via RawStory:

In his weekly monologue, New Rules, Bill Maher weighs in on everything from Iran to Twitter, but his primary target Friday night was the Democratic party, which he says has become the new GOP.

Each time President Obama tries to take on a progressive cause, Maher charged that there was “a major political party standing in his way: the Democrats.

But the solution is not a third political party, according to the self-described libertarian pundit: “We don’t need a third party. We have a center right party, and a crazy party. Democrats have moved to the right, and the right has moved into a mental hospital.”

Maher scoffs at the notion that Obama is a socialist: “He’s not even a liberal.”

Hammering in his point, Maher asks, “Shouldn’t there be one party that unambiguously supports cutting military spending? Straight up in favor of gun control, gay marriage, higher taxes on the rich, universal healthcare, legalizing pot, and steep, direct taxing of polluters?”

“These aren’t radical ideas,” Maher stresses, “The majority of Americans are either already for them, or would be if they were properly argued and defended; and what we need is an actual progressive party to represent the millions of Americans who aren’t being served by the Democrats.”

“Because bottom line,” he concludes “Democrats are the new Republicans.”

Bill Maher DESTROYS Obama, “This is not getting the job done”


    This is not getting the job done. The incrementalist bullshit, the bi-partisan compromise with people with bad ideas who hope that America fails just long enough for their own benefit, the whole idea that we can push a little here and a little there in a nine sided chess game to fix the clusterfuck just right.


     I am glad Obama is President but the audacity of hope part is over. Right now, I am hoping for a little more audacity.

    Though I don’t entirely agree with everything Bill Maher says, I agree with his point. We need drastic reform for health care, our economy, issues regarding the rule of law and the role of the Executive branch that was abused during the previous criminal administration.

    A little at a time is not enough.

    So, if not now, when?

    If we are not going to stand up now to the banks, the insurance companies, the MIC, the status quo, then when?

    By criticize Obama when he is wrong we give him a reason to act differently. If we only praise him he has no reason to court our interests.

    I think a side effect of the GOP being as far out as they are is that it gives Obama and the Democrats leeway to be just as bad but seem better by comparison. It is like their corruption is less offensive when compared to the lunatic rhetoric of secessionists, fear mongers, torture advocates and “reverse racism” concern trolls.

    I think the only way to be heard anymore is to raise hell, or rather, yell louder.


     The party is doing everything they possibly can to ensure that you’ll get re-elected. The Republican party.

     Speaking of which, speaking of the Republican party, if you can’t shove some real reforms down their throats now, then when?

     Barack Obama needs to start putting it on the line in the fights against the banks, the energy companies and the health care industry.  

     And I couldn’t agree more.

     You want change now, or later?

     I, for one, will not trade a bird in the hand for two in the bush. Especially not after fighting like hell to get it in the first place.

     Or was “Change We Can Believe In!” supposed to be a second term issue?


Bill Maher owns John Bolton, Best. Real Time. Ever.

     “Greed isn’t good.”

    “Americans will do anything to each other for money.”

    When Bill is good, he is great. In this weeks show, though, he really out does himself. Every issue gets nailed, from torture to empathy on the Supreme Court, to gay marriage and health care. In my opinion, this is one of the, if not the best episode ever.

    This week, Bill Maher had on Michael Pollan in a great exchange about food and what type’s of food are evil. That exchange was worth an essay alone, and can be viewed here.


    You can view the other segments of this episode on Youtube as well.

    This weeks guests were Fmr. Ambassador John Bolton and Fmr. Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM). When faced with a 2 on 1 disadvantage, Bill hits the ball out of the park on every issue. Bill calls John Bolton out for being part of the Bush Cabal, he demands that America tortured to justify Iraq-Al Qaeda link and trick us into war. The whole episode is available on YouTube but I thought I would post the best segments right here.

    Watch Bill at his best here. Some pundits would fold and play nice if they were outnumbered ideologically by a 2 to 1 margin. Not Bill. He attacks these two Conservatives on the issues and moves the direction of the debate into his frame. If only other pundits and non-Conservatives could learn how to do the same.

    Bill dares both of these GOPosaurs to choose on the spot between Rush and Colon Powell. He nails single payer, health care, the MIC.

    I will say this about John Bolton, he is a war criminal through association, but at least he is competent at his job. Bill Maher and his two guests have a very in depth conversation on North Korea, all of which is included in the videos. The summation is that North Korea is flat out crazy, and as dangerous as a bear trapped in your garage.

    Hill Harper, who is a friend of President Obama, joins the panel in the sixth part of the show, and the conversation moves over to the Sotomayor controversy amongst shitheaded Conservatives, and watching Hill Harper destroy John Bolton is a very enjoyable experience.

    The fact is that the Supreme Court should be a body that is representative of the people, not the Corporations and Special Interests that own the people.

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