Bill Maher owns John Bolton, Best. Real Time. Ever.

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     “Greed isn’t good.”

    “Americans will do anything to each other for money.”

    When Bill is good, he is great. In this weeks show, though, he really out does himself. Every issue gets nailed, from torture to empathy on the Supreme Court, to gay marriage and health care. In my opinion, this is one of the, if not the best episode ever.

    This week, Bill Maher had on Michael Pollan in a great exchange about food and what type’s of food are evil. That exchange was worth an essay alone, and can be viewed here.…

    You can view the other segments of this episode on Youtube as well.

    This weeks guests were Fmr. Ambassador John Bolton and Fmr. Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM). When faced with a 2 on 1 disadvantage, Bill hits the ball out of the park on every issue. Bill calls John Bolton out for being part of the Bush Cabal, he demands that America tortured to justify Iraq-Al Qaeda link and trick us into war. The whole episode is available on YouTube but I thought I would post the best segments right here.

    Watch Bill at his best here. Some pundits would fold and play nice if they were outnumbered ideologically by a 2 to 1 margin. Not Bill. He attacks these two Conservatives on the issues and moves the direction of the debate into his frame. If only other pundits and non-Conservatives could learn how to do the same.

    Bill dares both of these GOPosaurs to choose on the spot between Rush and Colon Powell. He nails single payer, health care, the MIC.

    I will say this about John Bolton, he is a war criminal through association, but at least he is competent at his job. Bill Maher and his two guests have a very in depth conversation on North Korea, all of which is included in the videos. The summation is that North Korea is flat out crazy, and as dangerous as a bear trapped in your garage.

    Hill Harper, who is a friend of President Obama, joins the panel in the sixth part of the show, and the conversation moves over to the Sotomayor controversy amongst shitheaded Conservatives, and watching Hill Harper destroy John Bolton is a very enjoyable experience.

    The fact is that the Supreme Court should be a body that is representative of the people, not the Corporations and Special Interests that own the people.

     The best part of the show, though, is New Rules. Bill Maher proves his worth in an outstanding sketch where he destroys damn near every major issue facing us today.

    Let me stop jabbering. Watch, enjoy, then discuss.

    The last three or four of New Rules is some of Bill Maher’s best work ever. Greed is not good, and we have a Big fish eats the little fish economy, we have a big fish eats the little fish view of justice and we have no rule of law anymore, it is the rule of if the President says it’s so . . . or the rule of the almighty dollar.

    For your benefit, I submit this offering as the Best. Episode. Ever.

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  1. against the forces of wingnut darkness, and the Best. Episode. Ever.

  2. against the forces of wingnut darkness, and the Best. Episode. Ever.

    • dkmich on May 31, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    I started to watch it on TV, but I turned it off.  I couldn’t handle his guests, and I assumed he was going to kiss their behinds.   So thanks for posting this because that he certainly did not do.   I loved the part when he took her on about her big declaration of faith that “we are a people of faith”.   Arrogant – the whole lot of em.  

    Thanks for posting this.  

  3. but I know he has to walk a fine line, so his guests might actually come back.

    • rossl on June 1, 2009 at 1:57 am

    bad as Bill thinks they are.  I think overall humans and Americans are decent but everyone does have their vices and a small minority of Americans are really horrible people.

  4. and not good that Bill destroyed them.

    Bolton and Wilson made it seem like Limbaugh was not the voice of Republicans which completely ignores the fact that when elected Republicans criticize Limbaugh they end up grovelling at Rush’s feet.

    Maybe now there are some who are criticizing and not grovelling but the score is certainly heavily to the side of those who obsequiously curry the favor of the hate monger.

    Both of them successfully make the argument that torture was necessary and actually worked. Heather trotted out the Jack-Bauer scenario as if there was something to it. Bolton said that Cheney didn’t believe in torture while failing to admit that to make it legal Bush/Cheney had to change the law.

    Heather characterizing a JFK inaugural address as foreign to today’s Democrats was ludicrous on several levels – what inauguration speech and what did he say.

    Bill managed to get in some good points but in each case Wilson and Bolton had the last word and managed to leave the impression that it was all an honest disagreement between rational people.

    Every time I listen to it I get angrier. When the show was over their lies and deceptions were still standing – torture works, the Bush administration didn’t break any laws and Republicans are trying to honestly engage in the market place of ideas (notice how they both used that phrase).

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