Bill Maher DESTROYS Obama, “This is not getting the job done”


    This is not getting the job done. The incrementalist bullshit, the bi-partisan compromise with people with bad ideas who hope that America fails just long enough for their own benefit, the whole idea that we can push a little here and a little there in a nine sided chess game to fix the clusterfuck just right.


     I am glad Obama is President but the audacity of hope part is over. Right now, I am hoping for a little more audacity.

    Though I don’t entirely agree with everything Bill Maher says, I agree with his point. We need drastic reform for health care, our economy, issues regarding the rule of law and the role of the Executive branch that was abused during the previous criminal administration.

    A little at a time is not enough.

    So, if not now, when?

    If we are not going to stand up now to the banks, the insurance companies, the MIC, the status quo, then when?

    By criticize Obama when he is wrong we give him a reason to act differently. If we only praise him he has no reason to court our interests.

    I think a side effect of the GOP being as far out as they are is that it gives Obama and the Democrats leeway to be just as bad but seem better by comparison. It is like their corruption is less offensive when compared to the lunatic rhetoric of secessionists, fear mongers, torture advocates and “reverse racism” concern trolls.

    I think the only way to be heard anymore is to raise hell, or rather, yell louder.


     The party is doing everything they possibly can to ensure that you’ll get re-elected. The Republican party.

     Speaking of which, speaking of the Republican party, if you can’t shove some real reforms down their throats now, then when?

     Barack Obama needs to start putting it on the line in the fights against the banks, the energy companies and the health care industry.  

     And I couldn’t agree more.

     You want change now, or later?

     I, for one, will not trade a bird in the hand for two in the bush. Especially not after fighting like hell to get it in the first place.

     Or was “Change We Can Believe In!” supposed to be a second term issue?



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  1. and if not now, then when?

  2. over exactly what “change” is taking place.  Many of us see no change, while many claim Obama is so smart that he has a plan, be patient, or how can he undo 8 years of bullshit in just 5 months.

    The problem with that is the pace and lack of change from Obama, who so heavily promised it, so glaringly highlights what the real problems are, i.e., corporations, Wall St, the MIC, etc., that it is easy to see he’s not going to change any of that.  So the change many of us wanted, and sort of believed could happen, is not going to.  

  3. and in love with a nice lady.

    But so is Lindsey Lohan.”

    (heh, heh)

    • Inky99 on June 14, 2009 at 9:55 am

    The man is not a Democrat.   He is nothing but a trojan horse.

    This was one of the biggest con jobs in history.   The people were restless, they were angry, at a time when the changes facing the world demand a crackdown from government, a reduction in the standards of living of Americans, and a time when America was ripe for some serious revolt and anger.  

    So they gave us Obama.   And they marketed him like the new Coke.  

    They nominated as his opponent an old, cancer-ridden doddering man who everybody knew might not live through the first four years of a presidency, and then to really cap it off, they had him choose a completely unqualified nutjob as his VP, just in case people who thought “well if he doesn’t make it his VP will be …. oh shit, his VP will be THAT?”

    Then they harped and went nuts and played their roles very well as to how this man was  ‘liberal” and a “socialist” while in reality they fed the marketing machine with loads and loads of money to make sure he was “elected”.

    Which he was.

    So how they’ve got the perfect representative FOR THEM in there, the guy who everybody STILL thinks is just somehow “being too nice” (see Maher above) or just not fighting hard enough, or whatever.

    No, the guy is doing exactly what he was selected to do, which is to perpetuate the policies of the Bush administration, since the coup of 2001, and keep people thinking that he’s actually a liberal and an agent of change.

    And it’s working great.  For them.  For us?  Not so much.

    I still have friends who end their e-mails with “Go Obama!”.    It’s sad.

    This might be the biggest Trojan Horse since the original Trojan Horse.

    When people figure it out?  It won’t matter.  

    Elections in this country are a joke.   They are elsewhere, too.   Look at Iran.  

    “Democracy” only exists at the most local level in this country.

    Maher makes a good point, but he’s still deluded under the assumption that Obama is actually, somehow, a person who wants change.

    Change is not Obama’s job.   Obama’s job is the status quo, and to be a  PR agent for the status quo.  THAT is why he’s on TV all the time, and constantly giving his little web-addresses and radio addresses and stuff like that.

    He’s a schill.  

  4. in February who called out Obama for not fixing the economy yet even though he hadn’t been in office for a whole month yet.  I bet they are loving the liberals-who-have-already-turned-on-him.  

    Really?  You sound like a child with a temper tantrum “I want it NOW!!!”

    Be a little patient.  Let him get at least a year in before you turn on him or we will have no chance in 2012.

     Think about it.  If Obama is deemed a failure already then it’s anyone’s game for re-election time.  I, for one, would like to see him get a second term because I believe he can make things happen.  But it seems as if our ‘fast-food culture’ can’t wait for change to happen.

    And most of us realize that the government moves at a turtle’s pace.  Why are we demanding fast service from a notoriously slow institution?  

    And isn’t Maher a centrist?

  5. It is incredibly unfair to paint all this on Obama’s shoulders, since all the stuff you mentioned has to go through Congress to get passed.

    Is it really Obama’s fault that we don’t have health care yet, or should we look at our lawmakers too, since they are the ones who will be passing these new policies?  Is it really Obama’s fault that the banks are running wild, or is it the lawmakers for giving them such relaxed rules to begin with?  Is it really Obama’s fault for not having our energy fixed, or, again, do we need to look at the guys who actually make the changes we all are waiting on?

    Think it about it.  If you are going to get mad, get mad at our lawmakers for fighting him on these issues.  He’s already made his case over and over to these guys and they are still dragging their feet because they have been bought and sold by Corp, Inc.  

    Congress and Senate are dead weight.  I agree this stuff needs to happen quickly, but I’m expecting it to be at least a year to make things happen.  Since we have to pitch the idea, then send it to a committee to review, then they recommend their findings, then convince the naysayers, then hold a vote, then put policy into place via Act, etc….

    This doesn’t happen overnight people.  Please stop getting all huffy because it hasn’t happened yet.  You are acting like a spoiled child who is pissed because they aren’t getting their way.

    He isn’t doing it YOUR way, he is doing it his way.  Sorry that pisses you off but that is life.  Get over it.

  6. have seen it all, read it all, and know what is going on.  The Obama administration has glaringly highlighted those issues, which are the biggest ones, and those of us with the knowledge of what is really happening are tired of it.  That’s worth yelling louder about.  

  7. gah.

    rj, sorry you’re dealing with the headaches.

    MotherT, sorry that you got jumped on the fray… heh… actually, I rarely see much and when I do see Insult Spar Wars, I tend to ignore and leave. Usually. Anyway, I would suggest that you post your own Essay sometime and express your views and generate some discussion that way, … but if things are painted all in Black and White, they’ll be challenged here, Im predicting. But you have some valid points, some I agree with. Just edit out the scolding and fingerwagging. (That goes for everybody, except Im not DDCops, lol). Just a suggestion.

    edger… power pony up, baybee.

    MoT… I viewed the Maher video here yesterday and had some thoughts, reactions, but I forget now what they were. Some of his points were funny, some spot on, and some I didnt much care for. But thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Peace y’all.

    • Arctor on June 15, 2009 at 4:12 am

    promises, I have never seen anything more cynical than the “Obama-180!” It’s not a first term or second term issue, it’s not even as Bill Maher suggests being more audacious or growing a spine. This man knows what he’s doing and frankly doesn’t give a damn! We’ve been had, period and this time we even had to pay for it with the greatest ammount of individual campaign contributions ever. With Bush and those of his ilk, our emotion was anger and frustration…with Obama, it’s just utter disappointment. He’s a fraud, flat-out and no ammount of gentle nudging is going to get him to improve.

    Small example, yesterday’s NYTimes piece about UN rep in Afganhistan warning that aggressive special forces tactics in that country are undermining our efforts, our NATO allies are concerned. What is that other than Obama trying to outdo Bush as a War President? Is that what we voted for? He and his advisors are trying to outflank the right-wing on national defense? Is that what the hopes of 1.8 million people on the Washington Mall January 20th represented? Pleez, I’m way off the Obama bandwagon, opposing him on most issues is the only honorable and honest road left! F*ck the

    Kool-Aid drinkers, he’s had enough time already!

  8. etter understanding of what you are putting forward –

    particularly for videos that are at the core of a diary –

    and where these videos may be soon pulled for copyright problems [as has in fact now happened].

    HBO after all, is still showing this week’s show, so one can hardly blame them

    [and yes, I know it’s a lot of work. sorry]

    anyway, an interesting diary, ministry!

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