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Adapted from The Stars Hollow Gazette

Real Time with Bill Maher March 30th, 2012

Right to Protect Your Home, Car Elevators, Zimmerman, Absurd Laws


    • TMC on April 2, 2012 at 06:21
  1. be allowed to have guns.

    Does the Pentagon have plans to chemically lobotomize “terrorists”.

    Am I a 57 year old native born perpetual resident of the Apocalypse Ranch just 20 miles north of the people’s republic of Cambridge……disclaimer

    Both parties suck, are social engineering products of the globalist elite banking empire but they might be afraid of the few “nuts” who won’t just take their 666 Mark of the Breast microchip/behavior modification dog collars.

    Am I that far off base in aspiring to be the lead hermit/shaman/horseman of the woods?

    Hmm.  So the government can kill you, watch you, medicate you, take your money for stupid/evil/selfish/destructive/corporate fascistic social control issues like frisking grandma’s Depends at airports, train, bus and maybe even eventually the church Bean Supper/Bingo night.  Yes, let us legislate upon the dangers of walking while texting while my second daughter gains 60 pounds from consuming diet Cherry Coke.

    The job I loved is now done in China, the house I cared for and provided cheap rents for others, the trappings of that former middle class suburbia.  It is history,past fucking tense but do I want to shoot somebody?

    Yes I do but whom exactly.  The president of the Skull and Bones Society?  The Davos Jet Set?  The Federal Reserve?  The Majestic Twelve?

    Why did the intergalactic high council decide to save earth if we obviously can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.  I think it’s an injury insurance payout saving thing as they have stats on people with head injuries from crashing into those steel poles with those buttons to cross the street, you know like so you don’t get run over.

    Russia eyes development of psychotronic weapons.

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