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WWL Radio #140 Handwringers, Hedges and OWS

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PhotobucketHolding out Hope still?  President McHope just bent over for the Religinazis, and while thus positioned, gave a reach around to the Bankers on foreclosures while deepthroating the Super Pacs.  

Still think that Electoral Politics mean a damned thing?

The time to Occupy is now more than ever.  It is far past time to remove the sham of Freedom and have a People’s Revolution – perhaps a Jeffersonian Revolution ala a Bolivarian one.

Then we have poor misguided Chris Hedges wringing his hands so hard he broke his Rosary over a broken window while applauding Greek Riots.  Puhhhlleeeez.  

Plenty to rant about tonight, my friends.  I’m ready to roll!

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Wild Wild Left Radio #81 Class War & it’s Reli-deologue Pawns

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Religious extremism is epidemic.

Is the anti-masturbation drive of a O’Donnell any less extreme than some of the Islamic whacks opinions about human sexuality?

Are the Muslim bombers any less brutal than the Jewish clerics calling for the eradication of all Palestinians? Are either less deadly than the American Christians who call for bombing Women’s Health Clinics or for the murder of Gays?

Under the umbrella of all this ramped up hatred, lies the fact the we are losing the Class War; its pawns doing the dirty work of ensuring Peace Talks will not work, ensuring Populist ideas are disparaged, and most of all keeping the People of the Country and the World too divided to notice what has been done to them.


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Jack Summers and Forced Bible Study in School

Simulposted from the NEW Wild Wild Left!

Picture my surprise when I opened an email from Care to Causes labeled “Student Refuses to Study Bible as Literature” only to find the actual article titled, “Willful Ignorance: Should Students Be Able to Choose What Not to Study?

(Care to Causes does decent environmental work and women’s causes, but is far from one of the best sources out there…)

I took the bait, and clicked through to the essay, only to have my pre-coffee neurons scream in revolt. The author has it wrong on so many levels that I had to respond. I chose the most obvious two, and stated my objections, only to find if I did not allow C2C full access to post to my facebook at will, I could not post on their site. Strike two, baby.

Newton South High School has a reading requirement for standard sophomore English to read passages from the Bible as an example of comparative literature in class. Jack objected. Those are the facts. John Hilliard of Newton’s newspaper mangled the facts so badly in his report, that Jack’s mother felt compelled to write a Letter to the Editor to refute the misstating of facts: from Jack’s age,(16 not 15) and the type of class,(the reporter claimed it an elective honors class, which it is not) to the slant that he was a slacker trying to get out of work. (Jack turned in an alternative project of his own volition)

Maybe its just me, but if you have perused the links, by now aren’t you wondering how so many could miss the forest for the trees?

WHY was this piece of text chosen in the first place?