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Tracking a Marine Lost at Home


Chip Litherland for The New York Times

Eric Hall, an Iraq war veteran, disappeared last month after having a flashback.

The following needs no commentary, Visit the article and Read the whole report, Absorb and Learn!

This is the face of the war in Iraq

PhotobucketThe mind behind it will never be the same.

The Troubled Homecoming Of The Marlboro Marine

Only one face, of the tens of thousands, radically changed by their experiance in a War Of Choice, Choice by those who don’t fight them, not Absolutely The Last Resort! In Wars Of Choice most start questioning the Why? of their being ordered there, Survival becomes the ‘Nobel Cause’, theirs and those around them, and Survival comes with Deep Costs! Once having normal trained minds, absorbing more knowledge and experiances, the Nightmares of Death and Destruction take over, haughting many for the rest of their lives!

‘Salute’ Eric, RIP Little Brother!

Memorial for Eric Hall

Sarasota Herald Tribune photo by Ed Pfueller

Justin Hall salutes and parents Kevin and Becky Hall embrace as the sound of a rifle salute fills a memorial service for their brother and son Marine Corps Veteran Eric Hall during at Faith Lutheran Church Thursday in Punta Gorda

IGTNT: Missing Marine Found { Updated }

I’m not one of the IGTNT Posters, that do such a Great Honor for those who have lost their lives to this Countries Failed Policies. And I doubt they’ll mind me using the initials for I bring Sad News!

Back on Febuary 21st I posted an Alert about a missing Marine, Eric Hall {that link takes you to my site}.

I started that off with this:

Lets See Now, ‘Supporting The Troops’

What do those three words really mean in this ever so Rich, Powerful, and Patriotic Country of Ours, not to mention Supposedly Christian as well?

Is it just the mouthing of?

If a politician, which some call a profession, is it the wearing of a Flag Lapel Pin?

I have one I wear on my Veterans For Peace ballcap Turned Upside Down!!!

Is it little cheap Magnetic Yellow Ribbons that have those words printed on them, and seem to have rapidly disappeared?

We once had a conflict, we have ‘The Wall’ of remembrance of 58,000 lives lost in that conflict.

The one we, as a Nation, stated we should never forget the lessons of, and Quickly Forgot The Lessons Of!

While GI’s Die, Major Fakes Awards {Updated w/Important Alert}

War brings faster promotions to class that give the orders, but you always find the Scum that’ll do any damn thing to get ahead!

The very last place you want to see it is in the Military and when that Military is sent into Wars Of Choice!

But it happened than, all the past than’s, and the present is no differant!