‘Salute’ Eric, RIP Little Brother!

Memorial for Eric Hall

Sarasota Herald Tribune photo by Ed Pfueller

Justin Hall salutes and parents Kevin and Becky Hall embrace as the sound of a rifle salute fills a memorial service for their brother and son Marine Corps Veteran Eric Hall during at Faith Lutheran Church Thursday in Punta Gorda

Memorial Held For Iraq Veteran Found Dead In Culvert

Veterans and community members from across the region turned out today to commemorate the life of Eric Hall, the 24-year-old Iraq war veteran who was missing for weeks and found dead in Charlotte County on Sunday.

As we go into the Sixth Year of a senseless illegal Occupation as of today:

U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD:  3988

Reported U.S. Deaths Pending DoD Confirmation: 2

Total 3990

Eric Hall, Combat Marine, won’t be included in the numbers of confirmed Casulties of our Occupations of two countries, along with Untold Others who have returned and became Casulties of said Occupations many due to the trauma’s they lived, in War, but couldn’t get the necessary Help, a Country Owes Them, on their return!

Hall suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition that causes frightening hallucinations, and had been missing since Feb. 3.

And the Casulties will continue, in the Occupations and after those who served this Country come home!

Hall had to fight for full disability benefits after he was discharged from the Marine Corps following injuries suffered in an explosion in Iraq.

This Countries People, Tomorrow and Everyday After, should hang their heads in Shame for what We’ve Done, In All Our Names, to the Innocent People of these Occupations and to Another Generation of Our Best, those who Serve those who Won’t!!