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Goldman Rejects Claims Made by Outgoing Executive

Goldman Sachs Exec Resignation

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is wasting no time fighting back against a disgruntled executive who lit up the Internet Wednesday morning by tendering his resignation via the op-ed pages of the New York Times.

The executive, Greg Smith, blasted Goldman for betraying its historic culture and putting profits ahead of client interests. He said Goldman executives talk openly about ripping off their clients, who sometimes are referred to internally as “muppets.”  His incendiary take on Goldman culture quickly became a flashpoint on Twitter and elsewhere. It doesn’t exactly jibe with doing “God’s work.”

A Goldman official confirmed that Mr. Smith, who worked for the Wall Street firm for nearly 12 years, most recently in London, resigned from Goldman this morning.


Fuck The Meta

What it comes down to is this: I’m sick of Daily Kos meta. I’m an issues guy, and I know that most of you are issues people, but the meta bullshit is driving us away from what most interests us. It’s driving us away from what we do best.

Open Thread: Pseudonyms For Words At The Daily Kos

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Just got back from Spanish Harlem to get some Christmas Trees and i’m still a little spacey from sparking some of NYC’s Finest Sour Deez.  In order to get any play over there I have to have my hawk up apparently, only way they sell to “Little Mac” as my street name has become apparently.  I like to think it’s because of all the work they know I do for Juanita Young’s Police Brutality March organizers but something tells me it’s because i’m a little white boy.

Ah well.

However, here are a few words you can use in place of obscenities that only we will know thus it will be hysterical when diaries at the Daily Kos show up with them in the title, will make us laugh, and they won’t know why.

Castro Sucks, And Chavez Does Too

There. I said it. Whatcha gonna do about it?

Ok, I’ll come clean. There was a meta war without me. I’m jealous.

And no, I am NOT an ADMIN-AL.

I am not an elephant either.

Some say I am not a man. But not to my face.


The Official Moody Loner Fuck You Essay.


Yes, God help you, I’ve decided to chime in on the “civility” debate.

Apparently, as far as I can tell with sleep deprivation, being behind on my online projects, and having a small child climbing on me since  7 AM, the problem is that  we don’t say “fuck you” to each other enough.

Therefore, I offer this handy essay, by which any of our members can pass along the requisite “fuck you”s to any of our other members without having to actually type “fuck you” themselves. Civility and lively disagreement are maintained.

That said, let’s get to the fucking.

Free Beer and Everybody Gets Laid

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This Dinette set could be yours!


A full set of Encyclopedia Brittanica!

But don’t order yet! We will also send you six steak knives!

How about not going down in history as abetting a war crime and ethnic cleansing?

How about keeping your frikking jobs?

Hey Congress….HEY AMERICA!!!

What is it going to take?