Open Thread: Pseudonyms For Words At The Daily Kos

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Just got back from Spanish Harlem to get some Christmas Trees and i’m still a little spacey from sparking some of NYC’s Finest Sour Deez.  In order to get any play over there I have to have my hawk up apparently, only way they sell to “Little Mac” as my street name has become apparently.  I like to think it’s because of all the work they know I do for Juanita Young’s Police Brutality March organizers but something tells me it’s because i’m a little white boy.

Ah well.

However, here are a few words you can use in place of obscenities that only we will know thus it will be hysterical when diaries at the Daily Kos show up with them in the title, will make us laugh, and they won’t know why.

I never thought I would have to use this later on in life but apparently we still haven’t passed high school antics in the blogosphere.  When I was in High School we had words we used in place of curse words so we wouldn’t get tagged with ISS or some bullshit lunch detention.  One of these words became infamous seeing how an Assistant Principal who knew what the words stood for screamed “You’re a Fur!” back at me which caused laughter and an eventual In School Suspension….for laughing I guess.  You see “fur” was a pseudonym for the word “cunt”.  Thus, my and others laughter in this situation.

Now pseudonyms are usually for names, but i’m using them for words.

So here’s a list of the ones we had from high school (because we spent too much time in the library on the internet) starting with the one currently outlawed:

“Bumsen” = Fuck

“Fur” = Cunt

“Skor” = Shit

“Fellator” = Cocksucker

“Motherflower” = Motherfucker

“Teths” = Tits

“Cull” = Arsehole/Asshole

“Bikkja” = Bitch

“Mud Puddle” = Slut

“Massengil” = Douchebag



  1. that these motherflowers can bumsen their skor under any restrictions they put forth.

  2. When I was in High School

    ‘Nuff said.

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