Edwards Evolution, New Revolution Round-Up: VP Vetting Edition

Good evening, and welcome to a semi-retro version of the EENR: the Edwards Evening News Round-up.

My friends, family, and acquaintances have all thought John and Elizabeth disappeared into the sunset since they are not on the MSM nightly news or in national newspapers.  Not so!  John and Elizabeth have been traveling and speaking at venues this past week about the issues Democrats care about.   Included are video clips from TV and radio appearances (courtesy of NCDem and other outlets).

Top stories:

1. John Edwards Interview in Rolling Stone

2. John Edwards Speaks at USW Conference

3. John Edwards Talks to Campus Progress and NPR in DC

4. Elizabeth Edwards Jumpstarts Healthcare for America Now

5. John Edwards Travels the Northeast for Half in Ten

6. Elizabeth Edwards Discusses about living with cancer on NPR

7. Is John Edwards on the Short List for VP?

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OR-Sen Candidate Live Blogging at EENR at 12 pdt / 3 edt

Coming up very soon, Oregon Senate candidate and current House Speaker will be live blogging over at the EENR Blog! This will be our second live blog at EENR, and we’re happy to be able to interact with Democratic candidates this way. It gives us all an opportunity to get to know the candidates better and it’s an opportunity for the candidates to hear the concerns of progressive activists from across the country. So come on over and join us in asking OR-Sen candidate Merkley questions!

What do you know about the Oregon Senate race? If you’re stumped, please follow me below the fold to learn about the race and the candidacy of Jeff Merkley.  

EENR 4 Progress Endorses Jerry Northington for DE (aka our friend possum)

Here at the EENR team, we realize that the key to getting progressive reforms enacted is a progressive Congress. To that end, we continue to seek out and endorse the best progressive candidates. We’ve taken a look at each of our endorsees on the issues, and believe that their platforms are compatible with the comprehensive progressive platform proposed by John Edwards in the presidential primary. For that reason, we call them Edwards Democrats, no matter who they may support now.

Tonight, EENR 4 Progress is proud to endorse Jerry Northington (also known on the blogs as possum) for Delaware’s at-large district!  

EENR 4 Progress: Let’s Elect Burner & Fallon!

Hey all, welcome to another edition of EENR for Progress. Tonight the bloggers of EENR are endorsing two fightin’ progressives from Iowa and Washington state; Ed Fallon and Darcy Burner! Follow me below the fold to learn more about why we have to help elect these two candidates to Congress in 2008….

EENR for Progress: Health Care is a Human Right

Health care is a human right. In my own definition of the progressive movement, I count that as a basic progressive principle.

For various reasons, from my own personal perspective, it is simply unacceptable to settle for anything less than true universal health care. Some of those various reasons are my experiences with health care in the United States, as well as those of my friends and family, some of whom have serious or chronic conditions.

In tonight’s EENR for Progress, we look at why we need universal health care, proposals for universal health care, and what progressives can do to achieve it.

EENR, a New Beginning.

(This diary/essay originally was posted on Daily Kos on February 3, 2008.  I am cross posting it here tonight because eenr 4 progress will be posted on Daily Kos and Docudharma every Sunday night from now on.  Ellinorianne cross posted her diary last night here.  Later this week, we will cross post Sarah Lane’s diary from a week ago Sunday.  Then we’ll be caught up.  

Docudharma seems to have some of the best of the Old Daily Kos, when issues used to be discussed and the term “progressive” actually had some content.  So, if buddydharma is cool with it, we’d like to come by here also every Sunday Night.  Hope you enjoy this, the first of what we hope will be years of eenr 4 progress.  TomP.)  

The Edwards Evening News Roundup debuted on April 4, 2007 and ended the night that John Edwards suspended his campaign, January 30, 2008.

Those of us who worked so hard on EENR for all those months have decided to continue on to work on the issues that John Edwards brought to this campaign: economic justice, poverty in America, addressing global warming with more than the hot air of politicians, universal healthcare, ending the phony GWOT, which John Edwards described as a “bumpersticker” and a “sledgehammer to justify the worst abuses and biggest mistakes of his [Bush’s] administration,” an end to the war in Iraq, and so many other issues.

We plan to continue this work.  Come around after the fold for more.    

EENR for Progress: Corporate Media and the Progressive Movement

“The basis of a strong democracy is a diverse and dynamic media. It’s time to take away the corporate media bullhorn and let America’s many voices be heard.” – John Edwards

The current corporate stranglehold on the media is one of the biggest obstacles to growing a progressive movement in America.  The progressive ideals of removing corporate control from our Government and having the people’s voices count as much or more than the corporations is impossible when the message is mediated by those corporations themselves.