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Hillary Endorses Obama: “United and More Ready than Ever to Win in November” (W/Video)

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“This isn’t the party I planned but I sure like the company,” Hillary said as she opened her concession speech at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.

Speaking to the “18 million…from all walks of life,” who voted for her, Hillary congratulated and endorsed Barack Obama, stating:

“The way, the way to continue our fight now, to accomplish the goals for which we stand is to take our energy, our passions, our strengths and do all we can to help elect Barack Obama, the next president of the United States.”

Thanking her supporters for their hard work and dedication, Hillary expressed the optimism that she oft spoke of on the campaign trail. “See, you can be anything you want to be.”

Continuing her fight for  Universal Health Care, a signature issue for Hillary Clinton, she noted that she entered “public service to help  people solve their problems and live their dreams.”

“You’ll always find me on the frontlines of democracy fighting for the future.” Hillary said.

Hillary also focused women’s rights, stating she wants to address “every last bias out there.”

“We must make sure that men and women alike, understand the struggles of their mothers and grandmothers and that women enjoy the equal opportunities: equal pay and equal respect.”

Moreover, Hillary spoke to equality in general saying, “There are no acceptable prejudices,” and that “children will take for granted that yes, a woman or an African American can become the President of the United States.”

Emphasizng unity, Hillary stated, “This has been a tough fight but the Democratic Party is a family,” and repeated throughout her speech, “We must help elect Barack Obama President.”

As Hillary said today, “We cannot let this moment slip away.”  

EENR 4 Progress Endorses Jerry Northington for DE (aka our friend possum)

Here at the EENR team, we realize that the key to getting progressive reforms enacted is a progressive Congress. To that end, we continue to seek out and endorse the best progressive candidates. We’ve taken a look at each of our endorsees on the issues, and believe that their platforms are compatible with the comprehensive progressive platform proposed by John Edwards in the presidential primary. For that reason, we call them Edwards Democrats, no matter who they may support now.

Tonight, EENR 4 Progress is proud to endorse Jerry Northington (also known on the blogs as possum) for Delaware’s at-large district!  

EENR 4 Progress: Let’s Elect Burner & Fallon!

Hey all, welcome to another edition of EENR for Progress. Tonight the bloggers of EENR are endorsing two fightin’ progressives from Iowa and Washington state; Ed Fallon and Darcy Burner! Follow me below the fold to learn more about why we have to help elect these two candidates to Congress in 2008….

Kucinich wins presidential endorsement from key Mexican American organization and more! w/poll

From Dennis’ campaign site site:

Kucinich wins presidential endorsement from key Mexican American organization

Ohio Congressman and Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich gained a significant endorsement today from the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA), a progressive advocacy organization based in California and well known for its work in the areas of civil and human rights.

Why I’m NOT Endorsing a Candidate for President

I think we can all agree that any nominee of the Democratic Party is going to be more receptive to progressive initiatives, make better appointments and nominations, and run the Executive Branch more competently than any Republican.

What I am far more concerned about is-

  • The Continuing Occupation of Iraq
  • The Erosion of our Constitutional Liberties
  • The Congenital Criminal Corruption in D.C.

The solution to these concerns is not in the White House, but at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue- in the halls of Congress.

Through both Republican and Democratic administrations over the last 30 years the level of incestuous self absorption by the Beltway Bozo Pandering Pundit Political Media Elite, the Fatheaded Sissies and Whiny Bloviators, the Arrogant Asskissing Acceptors of Access, the So-Called “Serious People” with their Mindless Masturbatory Illusions of Self Importance and Constant Cacophony of Condescending Calumny and Lies has increased to levels not seen since the Gilded Age.

Like gilding their Inflated Pompous Balloon Egos are micrometers thick.  They need a good prick, and I am one.

I think we need to be devoting our time and energy to producing a dominant Democratic majority in Congress and within that a Powerful Progressive Caucus.

Anything else is not going to produce the results we want.  Primary, primary, primary.  Punish the Media with your eyeballs, emails, and money.  Not a dime to the Corporate Enablers, sit on your ass and vote with your wallet.

Or indulge yourself in the amorphous meanderings of your particular cult of personality, whatever.

Wishing for a strong man (or woman) on a white horse is delusional dreaming.  Working with others to produce a profound change in direction is quite something else and one or two elections and lucky breaks won’t do anything but delay the damage and I’m so very tired of being the little Dutch boy with my fingers in the dike.