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Cat Chasing Its Tail

I was dogged with a sinus infection for 2 weeks. Yesterday, I had to fight to get care for it because providers tell you most of the time it is virus based and they cannot do anything about it. But I knew I was so sick. I even called a nurse before going in. She didn’t take any notes of our conversation. She said to come in. Then I had to start all over, and I decided to write it all down.

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Why a Revamped Public Plan for Health Care Reform is Important

The Congress continues to struggle with PAC donations from insurance, pharmaceutical and the American Hospital Association –or whether or not to they tell them that our system is broken.    Which do you think is winning?

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Edwards Evolution, New Revolution Round-Up: VP Vetting Edition

Good evening, and welcome to a semi-retro version of the EENR: the Edwards Evening News Round-up.

My friends, family, and acquaintances have all thought John and Elizabeth disappeared into the sunset since they are not on the MSM nightly news or in national newspapers.  Not so!  John and Elizabeth have been traveling and speaking at venues this past week about the issues Democrats care about.   Included are video clips from TV and radio appearances (courtesy of NCDem and other outlets).

Top stories:

1. John Edwards Interview in Rolling Stone

2. John Edwards Speaks at USW Conference

3. John Edwards Talks to Campus Progress and NPR in DC

4. Elizabeth Edwards Jumpstarts Healthcare for America Now

5. John Edwards Travels the Northeast for Half in Ten

6. Elizabeth Edwards Discusses about living with cancer on NPR

7. Is John Edwards on the Short List for VP?

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Should Elizabeth Edwards Be the Progressives’ Spokesperson?

Yesterday, I wrote about McCain calling Elizabeth Edwards’ comments as “a cheap shot.”

I had an inclination Elizabeth would not sit down too long to take any BS from McSame, who accused her of “cheap shots” when it came to his governmental coverage for healthcare.

And I was right. She wrote something for the Wonk Room at Think Progress, which is the bigger blog for the Center of American Progress…and where she is a senior fellow.

Opening remarks:

John McCain accused me of taking a “cheap shot” on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” yesterday for noting that people with preexisting conditions, such as he and I have, would not be able to get health care under his plan — and that he perhaps was not as sensitive to this problem as he should be since he has been in government health care his whole life.

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Who’s Lobbing the Cheap Shots about Our Health Care?

This morning I watched This Week as John McCain was being interviewed.  It was clear many times that McCain was very uncomfortable with Georgie’s questions, most of which were legitimate about McCain’s policies and agenda.  He squirmed in his chair, dodged most of the answers.   In particular, the one about health care seemed to have gotten his hackles up when Elizabeth Edwards’ criticism was displayed on the screen.  

“He has not spent a single day not protected by a federal health plan, not a single day of his entire life, and yet he denigrates this care.”

She was referring to John McCain, who was first insured as the son of a Navy man, then as a Navy officer himself and finally as a member of Congress.

Here’s the link to the clip:…

It’s about 13 minutes into the program.  If you wish to skip the video, quick synopsis from The Hill, after the jump.  

John and Elizabeth Edwards Co-Launch the Iraq/Recession Campaign

John and Elizabeth Edwards may not be on the 2008 presidential campaign anymore, but they are on a different campaign: making connections between the costs of the Iraq war and our weak economy.  

Elizabeth Edwards, who is good about making constructive criticism of the media, observed that reporters

“certainly don’t cover the connection between the issues,” she said the American people see there is “undoubtedly a connection between oil, the costs of transportation in this country, and this war.”

(source: Will Thomas, HuffPo)

Thus, a new cause to spotlight, and the Edwardses are back fighting for the American people.

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