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For those of you who do not receive E-Mail from The Pen, here is an Action Page, where you can show your support for the Impeachment of Vice-President Cheney and support H.R. 333.

In addition, they will send you, at your request, Impeach Cheney posters and a hat, as well.

Impeach Cheney

Your personal message will be sent to individual House members, and copies will be sent to BOTH Nancy Pelosi and the House Judiciary Committee itself, as well as any newspaper you may designate.

The names are being added like crazy — just in the last hour there have been 500 or more signatures, getting close to 16,519 now and it’s non-stop.

That’s it!  And, thank you!


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    • Alma on November 8, 2007 at 22:26

    I had signed before, but sent off the letters to the Reps, and newspaper.

  1. is up to 54 percent, while opposition has dropped to 40 percent, perhaps because of a recent surge of exorcisms performed on Republicans by concerned bloggers at Docudharma.

    Don’t let up now, we’ve got momentum!

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  2. and I donated and signed up for posters to distribute. This is a better use of my money then contributing to the hype of political campaigns. Dennis may not be electable but he is along with Dodd a voice in the wilderness and one who is a true patriot. Thanks for the link which addresses reality rather then political hype and mock politics. 

  3. office and Hon. Cong. Wexler’s (a member of the House Judiciary Committee) office, to thank them both for their courage and stand, here are the numbers:

    Kucinich:  (202) 225-5871
    Wexler:  (202) 225-3001

  4. Dennis won my heart and mind with his performance on Colbert, an artist as well as a patriot. plus the pixie is funny!

  5. feel free to take this and post it over at the Big Orange.  I’ve never posted there and am only minimally known, so someone else might be better!

  6. and I’m getting an email in my gmail box from Clinton (my Senator). She’s got a system, I must say.

    Petition signers up over 17,600. Good going.

  7. thanks for the quick and easy way to let our thoughts be known.

    • RiaD on November 9, 2007 at 03:18
  8. out today, from Illinois, as it were.  This is not verbatim, but went something like this.  “Don’t tell us [Congress] what our business is, this [Impeachment] is our business!”

    *(If you noted, you can view the last 25 comments — just scroll down and you will see — then you can refresh and see others that have added comments.) 

    In addition to the Big Orange, if anyone blogs on other sites, you might want to take this there.  This is about WINNING!

  9. This is a happening thing!

  10. For those of you who have not yet taken action, please take action.

  11. proud. thanks

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