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The Main Event

Americans are, generally, averse to “big” issues and thinking in the long-term. History is bunk (as Henry Ford famously said) to most Americans which is why exactly the same patterns in policy and execution of that policy are manifest in Afghanistan and Iraq as were shown in Vietnam. We, collectively, have learned nothing. At a time when people distrust government when it comes to the military or military actions believe absolutely everything the government says. 9/11 was a case and point. The government offered no evidence and, in fact, destroyed or seized any evidence that there was for the events with the excuse that we were “at war” though no war was declared and there was no country that we were at war with–rather, Americans swallowed whole that we were at war with “terror” which is completely impossible and irrational. This “War on Terror” which was to last, essentially, forever was swallowed by most of the left despite abundant evidence that the U.S. government has consistently deceived the public particularly since the national security state was established during the Truman administration. Some people on the left did object to this war on terror nonsense but no great figures on the left were the least bit skeptical of the government accounts of 9/11! Chomsky accepted that the government tended to lie about everything concerning war and foreign policy but not about 9/11! Somehow they found their hidden ability to tell the truth during that fateful date. Regardless of how any of us feel about the mechanics and cause of 9/11 I think we can agree that the government was hiding something.

The reaction to the events of 9/11 is why I have no faith in the American left–but I believe a real left can emerge but it must emerge out of what I call the Main Event. I don’t mean 9/11 either–it is just a milestone something that was, I believe, inevitable one way or the other. The Main Event is not actually an event but the ongoing horror of climate change. All the issues we talk about are important but they are candles in the sun of what is happening to our environment.

I want to talk about an article I read on the Counterpunch site. The article was written by the brilliant thinker Morris Berman and is entitled: Time to Abolish the American Dream: The Waning of the Modern Ages. He was musing about the issues we face when he came across something Naomi Klein wrote:

….she chastises the Left for not understanding what the Right does correctly perceive: that the whole climate change debate is a serious threat to capitalism. The Left, she says, wants to soft-pedal the implications; it wants to say that environmental protection is compatible with economic growth, that it is not a threat to capital or labor. It wants to get everyone to buy a hybrid car, for example (which I have personally compared to diet cheesecake), or use more efficient light bulbs, or recycle, as if these things were adequate to the crisis at hand. But the Right is not fooled: it sees Green as a Trojan horse for Red, the attempt “to abolish capitalism and replace it with some kind of eco-socialism.” It believes-correctly-that the politics of global warming is inevitably an attack on the American Dream, on the whole capitalist structure.


‘Advanced’ Civilization: The Long Party is Over

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Our current way of life is unsustainable. We are the first species that will have to self-consciously impose limits on ourselves if we are to survive.” — Robert Jensen

In 2010 we watched, aghast, as British Petroleum’ s Macondo Well in the Gulf of Mexico blew it’s top and leaked umpteen millions of gallons of raw crude oil into the Gulf, poisoning and killing much of the sealife, ruining gulf coast ecosystems, and destroying a way of life for millions of south coast people.

We watched, as business and political leaders and mainstream media went into paroxysms of delusional denial to cover up the sheer unabashed criminality of the event, and tried to create a reality built of smoke and mirrors in which something approaching “normalcy” would once again reign and we could all just jump into our cars and drive off into the sunset as if nothing important or even noteworthy had happened,  while those business and political “leaders” operate in the delusion that military might, invasions and occupations, and wholesale oppression and killing of millions of people in “other” parts of the world – as if there is more than “one” world – all done using a military that paradoxically is the single largest consumer of energy in the world – will somehow secure a never ending supply of the energy required to keep our “advanced civilization” operating forever.

Remind you of a hampster wheel? Faster and faster to nowhere.

Male Template Expired: No More Extensions (Bailouts)

Imagine a United Nations body responsible for the recall of faulty human systems. Surely they would recall the “male template.” Its 10,000 year warranty has expired. Further extensions or bailouts will only exacerbate a doomed strategy.

Its faulty wiring system has resulted in a deranged habituation to violence and war since the beginnings of “civilization” and history. As to the previous hunter-gatherer period, when women had a voice in decision-making, we are in the dark. I wonder who turned out the lights

Leave The “Uncontacted” People Alone!! (Updated)

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The “Uncontacted” Village

CNN  has reported that an “uncontacted tribe” has been sited in the Peruvian-Brazilian Amazon.  The story isn’t really surprising:

Researchers have produced aerial photos of jungle dwellers who they say are among the few remaining peoples on Earth who have had no contact with the outside world.

Taken from a small airplane, the photos show men outside thatched communal huts, necks craned upward, pointing bows toward the air in a remote corner of the Amazonian rainforest.

The National Indian Foundation, a government agency in Brazil, published the photos Thursday on its Web site. It tracks “uncontacted tribes” — indigenous groups that are thought to have had no contact with outsiders — and seeks to protect them from encroachment.

More than 100 uncontacted tribes remain worldwide, and about half live in the remote reaches of the Amazonian rainforest in Peru or Brazil, near the recently photographed tribe, according to Survival International, a nonprofit group that advocates for the rights of indigenous people.

Look at the photo and notice the obvious harmony of the tribe with its environment.  Do they need our help?  Do they need our influence?  Do they need us to be flying over them in our airplanes?  Do they need us to be driving them from where they are?

Advancing the Cause of Civilization

Most thoughtful people would agree that we have an obligation to advance the cause of civilization.  We owe it to our children, our grandchildren, and to posterity.  We are not only stewards of the earth, as are all human beings, but we Americans are also stewards of the original American vision as established in 1776.  Remember the cause of liberty?


Friday Night at 8

Oh the old intertubes aren’t working very well at casa del Nightprowlkitty, but hopefully I’ll get this posted in time.  If I don’t comment right away, you’ll know why.

Does anyone else share the feeling I have today, a feeling of something impending?  Because I don’t have anything to say about current events or culture or even personal anecdotes.  I feel a sense of apprehension.  And of course it’s about America.

I think even the boys at the big blogs are now aware that business is not as usual.  We’ve even got kos yelling at the Democrats over their incomprehensible behavior when it comes to opposing this misAdministration.

Something has changed.  August was the lull before the storm.  Folks all over the country are waiting for someone to pull the plug on these criminals.  Everyone agrees they are criminals, everyone knows they want to take us into a world of unending war, unending governmental incompetence, unending theft and corruption.  That’s simply how they operate.  They don’t know how to do anything else.

And now we are all awaiting a report by David Petraeus and everyone already knows the White House has rewritten it, everyone knows this misAdministration is doing its best to discredit the GAO’s report, shout down any dissent on what is going on in Iraq.  And here we sit, wondering what’s going to happen.

This isn’t like Viet Nam.  We’re older and wiser now.  We see this happening in real time, all of us.  It’s strange and surreal in so many ways.