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Wild Wild Left Radio #64 On Obama’s Watch? 1/3 Through his Presidency

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Gottlieb and Diane G. will be live and in color (or is that off color?) on WWL radio tonight at 6pm Eastern Time to guide you through Current Events taken from a Wildly Left Prospective.

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Sometimes we have no control over the hand we are dealt; but we ALWAYS have control on how we play our hand.

2008 played a tidal wave of resentment for the abuses of the last administration: The horrors of Gitmo and torture, the demanding of ending our presence in Iraq, the absolute mandate for National Health Care and last and probably most importantly, accountability for economic crisis and relief from such.

Tonight we will be discussing the continuing escalation and prolonging of the theatres of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We address Seymour Hersch’s revelation about the battlefield executions done by our soldiers.

The oil spill, rather than creating stricter regulations, seems to have made it probable to pass an anti-energy bill that throws much of it to the “State’s Rights” set. The Wall Street thieves still are not being fully investigated, while Iceland actually is imprisoning their equivalents.

Obama seems intent on moving the SCOTUS rightward with his choice of Kagan.

Join us as we attempt to take the barrage if information in this news cycle; cut through the fog and explain what the true results will be….

…. and grade this first third of Obama’s Presidency.

Please join us!

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The Trailer For The Gitmo Joke Show

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Today the US Government tried unsuccessfully to move the Gitmo death penalty show trial of five “enemy combatants” toward a “trial” by arraigning the accused. Unfortunately for the US, today’s proceedings were a complete and utter joke show.  And a complete embarrassment.  And they were the previews of the upcoming Gitmo Joke Show “trial”

Reuters reports:

The accused al Qaeda mastermind of the September 11 attacks stood in a U.S. military court on Thursday, sang a chant of praise to Allah and said he would welcome the death penalty.

“This is what I wish, to be martyred,” Pakistani captive Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the highest-ranking al Qaeda operative in U.S. custody, told the Guantanamo war crimes court.


As the judge questioned him about whether he was satisfied with the U.S. military lawyer appointed to defend him, Mohammed stood and began to sing in Arabic, cheerfully pausing to translate his own words into English.

“My shield is Allah most high,” he said, adding that his religion forbade him from accepting a lawyer from the United States and that he wanted to act as his own attorney.

Isn’t that just a super beginning to the arraignment before a death penalty “trial”?  A “trial” that is supposed to lead to convictions and not acquittals?  A “trial” that is supposed to result in five executions?  But that’s not all.  Not by a long shot.

[Mohammed] criticized the United States for fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, waging what he called “a crusader war,” and enacting “evil laws” including those authorizing same-sex marriages.  /snip

The judge, Marine Col. Ralph Kohlmann, tried to persuade the men to accept their military lawyers, but all refused.

Aziz Ali said he had barely been allowed to meet with his lawyer anyway and described him as “a signboard” hung up so the government could say, ‘Hey, we give these people lawyers.”‘

“All this is just a stage play,” he said.

Enlightened Justice

Your resident historiorantologist has lately been puzzling over the matter of how it is that Alberto Gonzalez and the current rubber-gavel-wielding “Chief US Law Enforcement Official” have not been brought before the World Court to stand for their crimes.  Clearly, it doesn’t take the piercing legal intellect of a Harriet Miers to recognize that torture goes against everything Americans believe in – our nation is, after all, a product of the Enlightenment, that 200-or-so-year period starting around 1650 in which thinking humans chose to recognize science, redefine the roles of government and the governed, and repudiate things like tyranny.  Given this definition, of course, the aforementioned “legal” experts clearly are not Enlightened individuals, but closer examination of what actually went on before the bar back then shows that the Gitmo Gang would find themselves right at home dispensing “justice” in a court of that era.

So join me, if you will, in the Cave of the Moonbat, where tonight we’ll look at criminal justice in the Age of Powdered Wigs – and may find that the current cadre of ethics-averse thugs running our penal/information extraction system would have been right at home in an Enlightenment court.

“Shell Shock”; PTSD, and Executions of Those With!!

The following Video was left as a reply in my Daily KOS posting, yesterday, on Nadia and ‘Veterans Village’.

How far have we come as to what Wars do to those we send to fight them?

We don’t Execute?, but we Still don’t Understand, some Denie, and we Don’t Give The Care Needed!

Societies ‘Love War’, at first, especially Wars of Choice, but Societies only send a small fraction of to engage, than they make them Fight for what it does to them!

To Avoid Judicial Review, Executions At Gitmo

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Guantanamo Detainee

Yesterday the US announced that 6 Gitmo detainees prisoners would face the death penalty after bogus  “trials” with unfair and untested procedures.  I wrote an essay explaining why this was an outrage and a disgrace.  Today, to my shock and surprise, I discovered an even greater outrage: that the US plans to conduct executions of these detainees prisoners at Gitmo so that the detainees prisoners will be denied any judicial review in the US Courts.  If yesterday’s news was dreadful, today’s is even more cynical and and even greater disgrace.

Join me behind the wire.