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Morning Migraine: BiPartisanship Commission Member Named to BiPartisanship BP Oil Spill Study

Saturday May 21, 2010  One month and one day past the destruction of the drilling rig of the Deepwater Horizon, with BP unable to stop the oil blowout destroying the Gulf, President Obama’s anonymous source announced he will appoint former  Senator Bob Graham (D, FL) and former EPA head William K Reilly to a commission to study the cause of the spill, federal oversight, and the potential risks.


William K Reilly was administrator at the EPA under the first George Bush administration, George H W “Poppy” Bush, the one who invaded the Middle East the First Time and went to war against Iraq the First Time, which was called the ……  Gulf War.

The commission, modeled on ones which investigated the Challenger shuttle explosion and the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, will not include any federal officials, administration officials said this week.

Wild Wild Left Radio #64 On Obama’s Watch? 1/3 Through his Presidency

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2008 played a tidal wave of resentment for the abuses of the last administration: The horrors of Gitmo and torture, the demanding of ending our presence in Iraq, the absolute mandate for National Health Care and last and probably most importantly, accountability for economic crisis and relief from such.

Tonight we will be discussing the continuing escalation and prolonging of the theatres of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We address Seymour Hersch’s revelation about the battlefield executions done by our soldiers.

The oil spill, rather than creating stricter regulations, seems to have made it probable to pass an anti-energy bill that throws much of it to the “State’s Rights” set. The Wall Street thieves still are not being fully investigated, while Iceland actually is imprisoning their equivalents.

Obama seems intent on moving the SCOTUS rightward with his choice of Kagan.

Join us as we attempt to take the barrage if information in this news cycle; cut through the fog and explain what the true results will be….

…. and grade this first third of Obama’s Presidency.

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