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Where’s Buhdy?

Was just thinking about Buhdy and what he thinks about OWS.  Anyone know?

short and sweet: thank you

this may be inexcusably short, but i do want to take a moment to publicly thank buhdydharma for creating docudharma. and with him I thank otb, npk, ek, and others here who made it possible.  and I thank those who continue to write here.  gawd knows we sure are going to need this place because after what i read tonight it is hard to imagine that dk will be much more than a pile of embers burning itself out before long.  so thanks, buhdy, for making docudharma happen.  and thank you for what you and others are trying to do in orange.  i appreciate all of your efforts.

For Buhdy, Monday

As per Diane W’s great suggestion yesterday …

Monday.  Moonday. Luneday.

The Moon’s own day is appropriate to any work involving imagination, dreams, or psychic knowledge.

It’s also well attuned to issues of emotional health and healing.

Take a load off, Buhdy.