short and sweet: thank you

this may be inexcusably short, but i do want to take a moment to publicly thank buhdydharma for creating docudharma. and with him I thank otb, npk, ek, and others here who made it possible.  and I thank those who continue to write here.  gawd knows we sure are going to need this place because after what i read tonight it is hard to imagine that dk will be much more than a pile of embers burning itself out before long.  so thanks, buhdy, for making docudharma happen.  and thank you for what you and others are trying to do in orange.  i appreciate all of your efforts.


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  1. a double standard exists– one set of rules for one group, and another set of rules for another– injustice will exist.  

    • dkmich on April 9, 2010 at 12:15

    I must of missed something again.   But, I would like to thank MyDD for being as well.  It is nice to have a place where all opinions are respected – not necessarily appreciated, but respected.  

  2. …I agree with your assessment.  

    I haven’t contributed much here at dd lately, but I do love this place.  I’m still recovering from my move, but even more, from having the air sucked out of all 4 of my tires by the great O-Bomb-A-nator!  Not that I was particularly surprised by his direction, just the thoroughgoing amount and magnitude.

    But I’ll be back to this wonderful place when I get beyond being able only to make sarcastic comments.  

  3. and people just resist change, they want like hell to be happy. they could be if they looked to themselves and discovered their real power. Thank you sharon, you have always in both personna’s given me hope. Each person on the blogs that still has the courage to stand up does. I too love this place and thank the people who make it work.    

    • RUKind on April 10, 2010 at 22:02

    Muchas gracias.

  4. an added special thanks to OTB for so valiently defending docudharma when needed. 🙂

    You stay away from her you BITCH!

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