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Netroots Nation Going GREEN!!!

Sometimes those of who focus on energy and global warming issues seem to screaming into the wind, with little attention from others in the community.  Netroots Nation‘s announcement for the 2009 put those emotions to the side. The Netroots Nation staff worked hard to find a site and location that meets the types of standards that are hoped to from us.

To be held at the nation’s leading edge LEED Green convention center,

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is close to major US cities, with a good rail network providing options to get there from New York, Washington, DC, and Chicago.

Savoring a Green Onion

That is, truly enjoing the Onion‘s 3 July 2008 Green Issue: “Our All-Paper Salute to the Environment.”

Well-done satire provides a painful window on the soul of an issue.

And, the Onion specializes in that well-done satire.

This issue pulls together some top environmentally-oriented satire from the past decade. Lets take some bites of that green onion …

But, first, some related breaking news …

Greening the School House

Last month, to far (FAR) less attention than it merited, the House of Representatives (facing an Administration veto threat) passed the 21st Century Green High-Performing Public School Facilities Act with $20 billion for greening public schools across the nation.

Taking aggressive action to green schools is about one of the smartest steps the nation can take, action that should go beyond bipartisanship to true unity of action as it is a win-win-win-win strategy along so many paths:

  • Save money for communities and taxpayers
  • Create employment
  • Foster capacity for ‘greening’ the nation
  • Reduce pollution loads
  • Improve health
  • Improve student performance / achievement
  • And, well, other benefits. In the face of these benefits, “The White House threatened a veto, saying it was wrong for the federal government to launch a costly new school-building program.”

    Global Warming Ghettos!

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  For every ying there is a yang, for every neo-con there is a neo-lib.  When the global war of terror becomes unpalatable by the masses it’s replacement shall be the global war on your assumption of your right to use energy and maintain a modern lifestyle.  More people should own horses because it is the source of horse sense.

    Anyway, this one is from Kurt Nimmo.  He speaks to the carbon tax scam well.  I have also openly told people here I work for a global company.  The company over a year ago started promoting future life scenarios that included “mega-cities.  I still view it as the delusions of a very small percentage of people who think it is their manifest destiny to screw up the lives of as many people as they can.  It is as simple as good vs evil so the best hope we have is that the electronic information grid will be the first casualty in the post modern world.

    Buying our way to a better planet …

    There is a debate, subdued at times, between various approaches toward changing the planet to the better.  In many ways, my viewpoint (on the optimist side) tends toward the ‘enviro-capitalist’, thinking that we can work to structure the economy to make the right choice, the easy (and preferred) choice.  There is a challenge between using financial mechanisms as a tool to move toward a A Prosperous, Climate-Friendly Society and going overboard.  

    The line can be thin … or thick.

    GreenSumption or Greening our Choices?

    Five Questions for Earth Day’s Denis Hayes

    In a few paragraphs, I’ll get to the promised interview, but first a few words of my own. (If you’re short on time, scroll to the interview box).

    Every year, I greet Earth Day with mixed feelings because the first one came at a time of tremendous upheaval in another realm.

    Although that first Earth Day in 1970 – which Denis Hayes coordinated – focused needed attention on the world’s environmental troubles, it was also a diversion. Just a week after Earth Day, on April 29, the U.S. sent troops into Cambodia and, within three weeks, six students had been killed during protests at Kent State and Jackson State universities. Then, too, while millions joined in Earth Day activities, the event was peppered with corporate sponsors, many of whom were more interested in making a public relations coup than anything substantively ecological.

    Indeed, some corporate participants took a downright hostile tone when it was pointed out that something engaged in by them might be environmentally destructive.

    Nonetheless, for a time, in part because Richard Nixon needed something positive to balance his administration’s disastrous continuation of the war in Southeast Asia and because he was pressured by Democrats like Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson and members of his own party, quite a number of successful environmental initiatives were undertaken, including the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and legislation on clean water and clean air.  

    How To – Alternative Energy

    Solar Powered George Bush Chariot Ride:

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    Wind and Solar Energy How-To

    A down home guy giving some down home tips:

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