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Exploding school children over AGW!


European response to America’s latest al-CIA-duh hype!

They actually attack one of those Google data mining cars!

Excellent Excellent Excellent!

Carbon exempt swine flu eugenics victims of the world unite!

Hearts and minds huh.


Big business loots carbon trading scheme

Original article, by Fred McDowell, via Socialist Appeal (UK):

The European Union set up an Emissions Trading Scheme as a market solution to deal with pollution. Pollution is of course, overwhelmingly generated by big business (‘market’) activities. Now the scheme has turned around to bite them.

Global Warming Ghettos!

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  For every ying there is a yang, for every neo-con there is a neo-lib.  When the global war of terror becomes unpalatable by the masses it’s replacement shall be the global war on your assumption of your right to use energy and maintain a modern lifestyle.  More people should own horses because it is the source of horse sense.

Anyway, this one is from Kurt Nimmo.  He speaks to the carbon tax scam well.  I have also openly told people here I work for a global company.  The company over a year ago started promoting future life scenarios that included “mega-cities.  I still view it as the delusions of a very small percentage of people who think it is their manifest destiny to screw up the lives of as many people as they can.  It is as simple as good vs evil so the best hope we have is that the electronic information grid will be the first casualty in the post modern world.