Netroots Nation Going GREEN!!!

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Sometimes those of who focus on energy and global warming issues seem to screaming into the wind, with little attention from others in the community.  Netroots Nation‘s announcement for the 2009 put those emotions to the side. The Netroots Nation staff worked hard to find a site and location that meets the types of standards that are hoped to from us.

To be held at the nation’s leading edge LEED Green convention center,

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is close to major US cities, with a good rail network providing options to get there from New York, Washington, DC, and Chicago.

Pittsburgh is a leader in green building, touting the first and largest LEED certified convention center in the country. As part of newly announced effort to make Netroots Nation the most environmentally-sustainable bloggers gathering ever, organizers say they plan to introduce a carbon offset program in 2009. The city’s accessibility to rail travel will also cut down on the overall carbon footprint.

A Gold LEED convention center.  

A farmer’s market near the facility.

More recycling options.

And, an offset program.

Now, for your registration.

Hit the web.

Let us be clear, conventions don’t leave small carbon footprints.

a five-day event with 2,200 people could produce one ton of plastic waste in the form of disposable serving pieces

Meetings and conventions can also leave a hefty carbon footprint from air travel, large-scale paper consumption and the waste that comes from carelessly tearing down trade show exhibits,

Of course, what about the hotel rooms, the coal-fired electricity, and the all of the stupid giveaways on the display floor. But, in 2009, NN will strive to reduce that footprint.

PS: Register quickly, because the first 200 are going to pay just $175.  The price quickly goes up from there. So, go to  register right now for the Green Netroots Nation 2009 and save some green by doing so now.

But, in the comments, let the organizers know what you think about Orange going Green.


  1. and thanks for the role that you must have played.  

    • srkp23 on July 21, 2008 at 08:35

    Just got home from NN. I was bummed that there was no recycling and a lot of waste, it seemed. This is terrific! Thanks, A Siegel  

    • OPOL on July 21, 2008 at 22:23

    You guys did a great job.  Much appreciated.  Respect.

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