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NH Primary Recount: Put Down the Orange Colored Glasses!

The Great Orange Overlord has spoken on the New Hampshire Primary recount.  All is well in the world of Kos, and we should be greatful.

New Hampshire Recount Day 3: 1st 100 Vote Difference and Totals w/poll

Day three of the New Hampshire Democratic Recount, called for and paid for the the Dennis Kucinich campaign, has some interesting anomalies.  We have our first 100 vote change in a ward for a candidate.  We also have the running totals for the candidates!

New Hampshire Recount Continues: One Big Vote Anomaly So Far! w/poll

The New Hampshire recount is continuing.  The Democratic recount, paid for by the Dennis Kucinich campagin, is further along than the Republican recount.  So far, it looks as though the counting was pretty good, although there are changes in almost all of the wards counted.

New Hampshire Recount: Already worth it! w/poll

The New Hampshire Primary recount started yesterday.  Paid for by the Dennis Kucinich campaign, the recount may or may not show a change of the winner of the event.  Even so, after one day, we’ve found enough out to be able to say that the recount is worth every penny!

Let the New Hampshire recount begin! Nevada SC rules against Dennis: The corps win again! w/poll

As we know, election integrity has been a talking point for the Democrats since the debacle in Florida in 2000.  And it reared it’s head in 2004 with the debacle in Ohio.  Now, in 2008, it’s popped up in New Hampshire.

Mandatory Election recounts. Period.

The Secretary of State of New Hampshire has announced that they will do a statewide recount. Finally a state is taking sane steps to reassure its people that they in fact participated in a valid election and putting the controversy to rest. It’s about time. A lot of people have been shouted down as conspiracy nuts because they suspected otherwise. I am puzzled and a bit angry that it is controversial for progressives to insist on anything less than mandatory recounts of paper ballots for at least a random selection of districts in EVERY election. The burden is on the state to prove that the election results are correct, yet I read person after person insisting that we should be quiet. It is absurd to think that the burden of proof rests on the citizens.