New Hampshire Recount Continues: One Big Vote Anomaly So Far! w/poll

The New Hampshire recount is continuing.  The Democratic recount, paid for by the Dennis Kucinich campagin, is further along than the Republican recount.  So far, it looks as though the counting was pretty good, although there are changes in almost all of the wards counted.

The big news vote wise on day 2 is Manchester Ward 5.  For the big three, there is a substantial change in the votes, with all three losing a fair number of votes:

Candiate     Original count    Recount

Obama             404           365

Clinton           683           619

Edwards           255           217

This is not enough to change the results, but for Obama it’s a 9%+ change, Clinton just over 9% change and for Edwards it’s an 8/5% change.

Official NH SOS count.  Interestingly enough, the fewer votes seem not to have gone to any of the other candidates.

Bradblog is reporting that New Hampshire media is reporting no problems in voting.

BlackBoxVoting is reporting, via OpEdNews, that there were slit ballot holding boxes (yes, take it for what you will).

Here’s a link to an article on Russ Holt’s renewed call for paper ballots:


The Manchester Union-Leader is reporting that the problems in Ward 5 are as a result of couting ballots for Vice-President (!):…

So, so far, there doesn’t seem to be any large scale vote hijacking, which is good.  There’s the one obvious vote anomoly, though most wards seem to have only a few votes here and there.

If you wish to support the recount, you can go to the Kucinich campaign’s website to donate, or you can go to ActBlue and donate directly for the recount!

As always, now more than ever,

Go Dennis!

Vote your conscience, choose peace!

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  1. Count every single pony!

    • KrisC on January 18, 2008 at 4:34 pm

    for the update.  After reading your article I went over to and read over a few posts by Bev Harris, linked to by your op-ed piece, where she writes:

    Posted on Friday, January 18, 2008 – 6:36 am:  

    I think it will be helpful to get photographs or video of the ballots WHILE STILL AT TOWN CLERK OFFICES and it will also be very helpful for citizens to follow “Butch and Hoppy”.

    Yesterday when we did so, they were speeding at one point and we were fairly challenged to keep up with them. We did, thanks to the skillful driving of Susan Pynchon. There was a dark green SUV waiting for them in a rural location. They stopped, one of the transport team jumped out, went to the driver of the green SUV, said something, then the transport team headed one direction and the green SUV the other. Clearly, he had been waiting there to hook up with the transport team. There may be a perfectly logical explanation for this, but I think it is important to witness and/or video where the transport van goes and who they meet up with.

    Here on this site, it was posted that the ballots in New Hampshire are transported by the state police. That is incorrect. I asked more questions and they said that a liason from the sec. state office accompanies the state police. That is not true. Here’s what is true: “Butch and Hoppy” who are represented as working for the secretary of state or the archives, depending on who you are talking to, pick up ALL the ballots in New Hampshire. They drive a white state van. A single member of the state police drives behind them. He can’t see a darn thing about what is going on in that van.

    Chain of custody – This isn’t “the New Hampshire state police” moving the ballots. In fact, I’m not sure the Butch and Hoppy Show is legal, if the law says the ballots will be moved by the state police.

    The chain of custody during transport is two guys named Butch and Hoppy. That’s it.

    My antennas would be up now for:

    1) Ballot chain of custody, rendezvous points, capturing evidence of what goes into the transportation pipeline and what comes out.

    2) I expect there will be efforts to persuade candidates to shortcut their recounts.

    What’s that about?  Why can’t elections be honest?  Why are two guys named “Butch” & “Hoppy” in charge of vital voting records and why are they meeting SUV’s on the side of the road?  WTF?

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