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Hillary is running out of Hispanics, Huckabee is running out of Southerners

Here are some observations on yesterday’s vote.  (There will be more in the days to come now that I have some time back after making around 1000 calls for the Obama campaign.)

Talking about Hillary is the main course in this diary, but would you like to start with an appetizer?  Let’s talk about Huckabee.  The venerable NYT announces that Huckabee has been revived with a solid showing in the South.  This is stupid.  Why?  Well, let’s take a look at the GOP primary map.  Huckabee is running out of South!

See, the problem with winning mostly just one section of the country is that after that section has voted in its primaries — it doesn’t vote again.  (Michigan and Florida will, I predict, be exceptions to this rule, as the Democrats let them vote again in late May or early June, or perhaps hold caucuses or choose delegates at state conventions.)

So if you look at that map and try to find “South,” you’ll see that Huckabee has Louisiana coming up on Saturday (I predict he’ll win), Virginia (only semi-South these days) next Tuesday, Texas (again not fully South) on March 4, and Mississippi on March 11.  Even if he lasts that long, he won’t last long enough to see North Carolina, Kentucky, or (counting the bottom part of the state) Indiana vote in May.  So, Huckabee is not “revived” — he has, instead, “shot his wad,” although I don’t think the NYT would include that in a headline.  But they need a storyline, so there they go.  Romney will still finish second when push comes to shove.  I don’t think either one of them will be on the ticket, though: look to Govs. Pawlenty or Crist or (my dark horse, if Rudy can swallow it) Pataki for that.

Is anyone else running out of a precious electoral resource?  Why, yes!  Pretend you didn’t already read the title and look below the fold.

New Hampshire Recount Day 3: 1st 100 Vote Difference and Totals w/poll

Day three of the New Hampshire Democratic Recount, called for and paid for the the Dennis Kucinich campaign, has some interesting anomalies.  We have our first 100 vote change in a ward for a candidate.  We also have the running totals for the candidates!

Medical Elephants

While the campaign pundits frame health care exclusively around the single issue of who pays there are several other unmentionable elephants in the room.


Oh, it had nothing to do with a known neurotoxin.

With the new advances in genetic testing proving “you will get” disease X,Y or Z will insurance comanies deny coverage.  Do you see a marked increase in the promotion of medical screenings?

Marketing study. Pick up any woman’s magazine. Count the ads dedicated to drugs, along with the legal disclaimers in number two font. Can you throw a rock toward the next CVS?

On this next one I’m just going to give you the Google keywords

Bill Frist+immunity for big pharma

And thus begat it’s ugly cousin


HIPPA and medical records “privacy”

Does that include those guys over in India who process your denied claims?



Now the obvious answer is to require people to buy health insurance just like mAssachusetts did.


I do, I have a 5000 per year policy and they routinely deny claims using a systematic basis. Zero information is available about what is and what is not “covered” beforehand, you don’t get that until the benefit denial statement.

Now are you really scared yet?



Gore is Wrong

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“Gore is wrong”. That’s right. I stole that line. Because it’s true. Al Gore is wrong when he says that fighting Global Warming is a moral issue, not a political issue. It is the biggest political issue in the world today. More than any other, it cries out for a policitcal solution at the highest national and international level. Gore knows this. He can’t NOT know it. He’s gone as far as he can lobbying governement leaders and CEO’s. It’s time to lead, but he needs a movement to make his leadership unstoppable, and to maximize his unique and hard-earned credibility around the world. He’s clearly waiting for that movement to happen, to come forward. And it is. It’s happening. Even the media narrative on him is beginning to change. Now it’s all a matter of timing and momentum. And here’s why…

Leave it to Dennis! w/poll

Many Americans like to think back to an earlier less complicated time.  Indeed, when we look back, many still think of the 1950’s as a perfect time.  So, let’s go back and see a typical family stitting around the table and talking about things as they are today!

bleep, whirrrrr, zap, zoooom….

(note: sounds of our time machine working)

Pony Party! Who Would You Vote For Today Poll.

That’s right!  Let’s see where the DD crowd is leaning today!