New Hampshire Recount: Already worth it! w/poll

The New Hampshire Primary recount started yesterday.  Paid for by the Dennis Kucinich campaign, the recount may or may not show a change of the winner of the event.  Even so, after one day, we’ve found enough out to be able to say that the recount is worth every penny!

Here’s some information via Bradblog:

Here’s his headline and sub-headlines:


Also: Diebold Memory Cards Unaccounted For; Public Record Request by Election Integrity Advocates on Ground Reveal 550+ Votes Read as Blank by Op-Scanner in Stratham…

Clinton, Kucinich Observers There, Nobody from Obama or Edwards, Says Election Attorney…

And here’s a header on the latest:

LATEST OUT OF NH: Disparities being found during hand-counts of ballots, in many wards, many candidates. Diebold op-scan memory cards unaccounted for at the moment, Secretary of State (SoS) doesn’t track them after elections, doesn’t track error reports during elections. LHS Associates (see below) handles all of it instead, according to reports on the ground. Public records request reveals hundreds of ballots in one area scanned as blank due to incorrect ink used on ballots, and other problems on LHS problem report forms.

Not recounting New Hampshire (and to be honest, any other state which doesn’t hand count paper ballots) allows that the balloting is on the up-and-up, no questions asked.

Think of it, 550+ ballots in one town were miscounted by the machines.  Think of that.  Of course, thankfully, there were paper ballots to count by hand.  Did we know this happened prior to the recount?  I hadn’t read it.

I spoke with Bev Harris of, who is also on the ground in NH, and she asks: “If it wasn’t 550 ballots, but just 55 or so in some places, would they even have seen it and known to recount ALL of the ballots?”

Would we know about the missing memory cards?  Nope.  We now know that the state doesn’t handle the cards or keep track of them after the election!  Doesn’t that make you feel all that much safer when you go out to vote?  No?  I didn’t think so!

Here’s the link to the Secretary of State’s recount page.

If you’re from New Hampshire, and can get out to watch this thing as it goes down, I would suggest that you do!  It’s good to see that there are more than just Kucinich supporters behind checking out the recount!

If we’ve found this out on the first day, think what we’ll find as the recount goes on!  If you wish to support the recount, you can go to the Kucinich campaign’s website to donate, or you can go to ActBlue and donate directly for the recount!

As always, now more than ever,

Go Dennis!

Vote your conscience, choose peace!

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  1. Recount every single ballot.

    • Alma on January 17, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    So I verify the vote count.  Thats all we verify, that the number of ballots cast match how many people are listed as voting.

    Now being in a small town, we would realize if the vote counts seems way off from normal, and could open the lock box, and do a physical count.

    One of the problems is that our Republican Sec. of State is sending more of the elections to the county to be verified, instead of us doing it.  There’s no way the county knows the usual vote patterns for my town.

    It also would be real easy for a corrupt City Clerk to mess with the soft ware.  When ours was doing the check before elections a few elections ago, in one catagory, she was finding that whoever you voted for, it all went to one guy.  That was the night before the election and she was up until quite late getting it fixed.

  2. some simple stuff to remember in the heat of an argument:

    The burden of proof rests on the State to show that an election is fair and accurate, reflecting the will of the people. It is unreasonable to expect that citizens without the cooperation of the State can do it.


    1 : government by the people; especially : rule of the majority b: a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections

    2: a political unit that has a democratic government

    3 : the principles and policies of the Democratic party in the United States (from emancipation Republicanism to New Deal Democracy-C. M. Roberts)

    4: the common people especially when constituting the source of political authority

    5: the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges

    If the State is not able to show conclusively that an election is valid but the results are accepted anyway, then the will of the people is subverted and replaced by the capricious or malign results of the election. The power then does not rest with the people and therefore the government is not a Democracy (or Republic).

    This is not a matter of citizens having to provide exceptional evidence for exceptional claims. No election may be accepted until conclusively shown to be valid if we are to remain a democracy.

    No accusations need be made at all. It is simply a matter of being what we say we are, while demanding without fail that our government immediately and with no excuses, accurately and fairly execute elections and abide by their results.


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