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Web 2.0: Share This w/poll

Brought to you by Add This: A fabulous widget now available on DocuDharma.  

This widget allows you to easily share and bookmark your favorite essays.   You may have noticed this button:  at the top and bottom of the Essay pages.  Scroll over one of the buttons and you’ll see the option to submit this essay to some of the most popular social bookmarking services:  Digg, Reddit, Del.icio.us Stumble, etc.  Click the “More” button and you’ll see even more options.  

Tech Talk

I’ve been playing around with various content management systems looking for one that had both sidebars and the ability to enter raw html and javascripts into static pages.  It also had to have the ability for people to register and post their own bits of coding and development ideas.  

So on the same server as the e-zine demo I installed Geeklog.  The installation isn’t perfect, I’ll most likely be re-installing it but wanted to use this imperfect installation as an example to people.  Setting up a new CMS, blog, ad system can take time and you won’t always get it right.  Each server has their own security protocols and ways of arranging the information.  So don’t get discouraged if you have an issue.  Visit the user forums for your particular system, re-read the instructions on your host and try another installation.  Simply delete the existing one using your script installation tool on your server.  Then begin again.