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I’ve been playing around with various content management systems looking for one that had both sidebars and the ability to enter raw html and javascripts into static pages.  It also had to have the ability for people to register and post their own bits of coding and development ideas.  

So on the same server as the e-zine demo I installed Geeklog.  The installation isn’t perfect, I’ll most likely be re-installing it but wanted to use this imperfect installation as an example to people.  Setting up a new CMS, blog, ad system can take time and you won’t always get it right.  Each server has their own security protocols and ways of arranging the information.  So don’t get discouraged if you have an issue.  Visit the user forums for your particular system, re-read the instructions on your host and try another installation.  Simply delete the existing one using your script installation tool on your server.  Then begin again.

Aso, recently, I have been doing a lot of research about all the different types of servers out there. Moreover, did you know that a web stack is a collection of software or technology that can be used to build a web application? Consequently, a LAMP Stack is a set of open-source software that can be used to create websites and web applications. LAMP is an acronym, and these stacks typically consist of the Linux operating system, the Apache HTTP Server, the MySQL relational database management system, and the PHP programming language. To learn more, including the benefits of a Lamp Stack for your Seedbox, why not head to the SeedboxCo website. There are some fantastic resources on their website if you are new to the world of servers, internet privacy and security.


Extra backslashes, spaces, null characters can all appear in an improper installation which will have an impact on your site’s performance.  Once your installation is running smoothly  check to make sure your site is secure by following the instructions in the CMS.

Now what’s the Development Center for?  Well, there are a lot of tools and widgets available to bloggers and webmasters and I’ll be arranging some to work with Docudharma content.  This will be an easy way to post the results along with the coding for you to cut and paste.  I know there are some knowledgeable tech people in our midst and you all have your own favorite tools.  Once the final installation is up I’d appreciate you stopping by and giving me some tips on where to look and what to do.

An example of the first tool is posted here on the left hand side of the blog.  Click on it to get your own copy that will instantly install on blogger, worpress etc. etc.



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  1. and this one goes out to all the geeks of the world:

    • RiaD on December 29, 2007 at 22:14

    understand a thing you just said but

    i am very grateful that you do!

  2. of a single story published on Docudharma by heathlander on the blogosphere:

    This is why linking to original sources and being original yourself is important.

    • RiaD on December 29, 2007 at 23:06

    what is the thingey on the right side ‘feedburner’ now it says ‘1 reader’ other essays i’ve seen other numbers…

    is that people reading now, or people who have come by… or?


  4. Nobody has an excuse now about images…because you can make your own online without anything other than your mouse:

    Save your image to your hard drive then upload it to an image server and include it with your essays.

    I put it up on the Tech Blog too:

  5. we are submitted to 20 new indexes

    our newsfeeds served up on feedburner are now limited to 300 words which means people will have to visit the site in order to see the full content

    the two widgets I made regarding Docudharma on have been approved and are getting some hits

    I figured out how to add the Sphere Related Content link into a blog system as can be demonstrated now on the Netroots Tech blog.

    I’m still trying to figure out some Feedburner tricks and have to visit some other sites in order to do so.

    I’d like to hold a developer competition to get some new brains looking at our site.  They’d be tasked with coming up with the most unique gizmo to present or show our link universe.

    Some people poo poo the idea of posting links as a way to change people’s thought patterns…but the internet is based on links and a large number of humans are using the internet so, to me, it just makes sense.  Anytime you can link to a related story on Docudharma is great for the site and let me be the first person to thank you.

    Incorporating your links in new and interesting ways like clammyc does can bring about unexpected results.  Linking to many topics in one post is another way to mix up the blogosphere.

    I successfully installed an rss2html script on my free server last night, which means in the future I should be able to organize lists of hundreds of news feeds into readable web pages.  I’ll wait till I’m on a better host but was happy the experiment worked.

    That wraps up another 24 hour session of bliggity blogging.


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