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Page Views & Visits & Flame Wars

oh my!

A note about Docudharma site traffic.

SOTB: State of the Blog

My fellow Dharmericans….

I am here tonight to report on the state of the blog.  

The state of the blog is strong!

Under the leadership of Zen Dictator buhdydharma, and with the hard werk of the Administration (ek hornbeck, Turkana, OPOL, Nightprowlkitty, Armando [in name only], kestrel9000, On The Bus), Guest Bloggers (clammyc, hekebolos, Jerome a Paris, News Corpse, Rusty1776, stormchaser, takebackthehouse, thereisnospoon, TocqueDeville) and Editors (73rd virgin, breathingstill, Cronesense, exmearden, GreyHawk, ksh01, LithiumCola, LoE, Magnifico, mishima, NLinStPaul, notlightnessofbeing, noweasels, occams hatchet, pfiore8, pico, plf515, pyrrho, Robyn, srkp23, theevolutionarysieve, TiaRachel, undercovercalico, Unitary Moonbat, winter rabbit, Zwoof) (whew!) we have made good progress and are empowered to change the future.  

In our short time in the blogosphere we have achieved some significant milestones (see below).  We continue to stand against the forces of darkness and Repuglicans.    We fight for the principles of the common good and speak for the pompetous of love.

As candidate war refugees continue to stream in from Daily Kos, we welcome them and continue to provide substantive food for thought with a healthy snark at least once a day.   Give us your pooties, your mojo, and your pie!    

This blog of The People, by The People, for The People, shall not perish from the internets.

Blogging is the future and Docudharma will be there with peace, love, and ponies for all!  

More on the DharmaZine

I created a new look for the DharmaZine and it’s coming along nicely.  Any suggestions would be welcomed. Anything related to the site or our goals would be good.

Known issues:

1. it appears slightly different in IE than in Firefox but either way it’s presentable.

2. load time is slightly longer than I’d like but that can’t be fixed until the new script is installed.

I can begin promoting it now and add anything you suggest along the way.  

On the same server there is a small search engine which you can add your sites to.  And there’s an event calendar which I’ll be promoting.  It’s only accepting submissions for politics, art and music.  But if your site(s) or blog(s) fall into those categories please head on over and fill out the form.  You can even skip the email part of the form as I’m not sending out verifications.  Access all of the above here.  No registration is required or even allowed.

Also on the same site is the News Engine.  I’ve been plugging away at the look of that as well.  If you’d like your blog included in the news being served up just comment here or send an email to info [at] howod.com.

Thanks for helping with the development of these projects.  They are meant to push as much traffic to your blogs as possible.


DocuD Stats and Related Info

The SoapBlox software is doing a wonderful job of getting us to the top of google search results.  But that wouldn’t be possible without the community members, you, doing such a good job at researching and presenting your information.  We have students and teachers looking for background information on everything from Greek Goddesses to Steroids.  We have political types tracking important developments in Washington, we have advertisers researching our domain to see how many links are on google and then returning to place ads (as witnessed by our two new ads today).  We have new visitors from all over the world clicking on your response essays to the top News Publishers.

Your diary didn’t get many responses?  Well, just consider that your diary is not only being published on the web site, it is also being sent out to newsreaders, myYahoo pages, Google Home Pages, etc.  So even if people aren’t logging in to DocuD they could still very well be reading your stories.  In time more and more of them will make there way here to find you.

Stats and stuff below the fold: