More on the DharmaZine

I created a new look for the DharmaZine and it’s coming along nicely.  Any suggestions would be welcomed. Anything related to the site or our goals would be good.

Known issues:

1. it appears slightly different in IE than in Firefox but either way it’s presentable.

2. load time is slightly longer than I’d like but that can’t be fixed until the new script is installed.

I can begin promoting it now and add anything you suggest along the way.  

On the same server there is a small search engine which you can add your sites to.  And there’s an event calendar which I’ll be promoting.  It’s only accepting submissions for politics, art and music.  But if your site(s) or blog(s) fall into those categories please head on over and fill out the form.  You can even skip the email part of the form as I’m not sending out verifications.  Access all of the above here.  No registration is required or even allowed.

Also on the same site is the News Engine.  I’ve been plugging away at the look of that as well.  If you’d like your blog included in the news being served up just comment here or send an email to info [at]

Thanks for helping with the development of these projects.  They are meant to push as much traffic to your blogs as possible.



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  1. right?

  2. an epiphany, since the SoapBlox software allows comments to be added indefinitely, this means that any post can be treated as a never-ending project.

    For example:

    Your Post includes just an image w/ Cheney in in the town square with people throwing rotten tomatoes at him.  The text: Tell Cheney What You Think!

    You can then link to that post and allow them to add their own thoughts.  A virtual town square ensues and people feel better because they are able to get things out of their systems.

    You can do this on any blog that saves posts on their own pages and allows for indefinite comments.


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