SOTB: State of the Blog

My fellow Dharmericans….

I am here tonight to report on the state of the blog.  

The state of the blog is strong!

Under the leadership of Zen Dictator buhdydharma, and with the hard werk of the Administration (ek hornbeck, Turkana, OPOL, Nightprowlkitty, Armando [in name only], kestrel9000, On The Bus), Guest Bloggers (clammyc, hekebolos, Jerome a Paris, News Corpse, Rusty1776, stormchaser, takebackthehouse, thereisnospoon, TocqueDeville) and Editors (73rd virgin, breathingstill, Cronesense, exmearden, GreyHawk, ksh01, LithiumCola, LoE, Magnifico, mishima, NLinStPaul, notlightnessofbeing, noweasels, occams hatchet, pfiore8, pico, plf515, pyrrho, Robyn, srkp23, theevolutionarysieve, TiaRachel, undercovercalico, Unitary Moonbat, winter rabbit, Zwoof) (whew!) we have made good progress and are empowered to change the future.  

In our short time in the blogosphere we have achieved some significant milestones (see below).  We continue to stand against the forces of darkness and Repuglicans.    We fight for the principles of the common good and speak for the pompetous of love.

As candidate war refugees continue to stream in from Daily Kos, we welcome them and continue to provide substantive food for thought with a healthy snark at least once a day.   Give us your pooties, your mojo, and your pie!    

This blog of The People, by The People, for The People, shall not perish from the internets.

Blogging is the future and Docudharma will be there with peace, love, and ponies for all!  

Now let me highlight some significant benchmarks.

Docudharma’s Birthday:   08/17/07

Official Launch Date: 09/12/07

buhdy kicked off the launch on Daily Kos with A Blog is Born: Announcing ~ Docudharma!

In the beginning there was nothing, not even nothingness, but nothing. An absence of thought, energy and matter, an absence even of darkness. The abyss………..the Void.

Then a whole bunch of other stuff happened.

And then…Docudharma was born!

Below are some of the vital stats from SiteMeter to date.  We topped 1,000,000 pages served on 12/1/07.  The average visit length (19:18) and average page views per visit (11.8) are phenomenal.  That means people are sticking around to participate and reading lots of essays.  This is a thriving community.


  Total 1,466,818    

  Average Per Day 9,303    

  Average Per Visit 11.8    


  Total 142,980    

  Average Visit Length 19:18    

On launch day (9/12), we had our highest number of daily page views ever:  28,471.  The rest of that week we averaged about 20,000 per day.  As you can see from the chart below that was our peak.   Many were curious gawkers, but many have stayed.    Although traffic has decreased since then we eventually hit a steady groove and were consistenly in the 40,000 page views/ week range.  

In the past week or so, there has been a collective disgust with the candidate diaries and behavior therein at Daily Kos.  This has definitely contributed to a surge in traffic here.

Starting with this comment in Hornito’s GBCW diary on 1/24 and plf515’s Memo to admins: Do you want us to leave? diary on 1/27 that trend has continued.

The surge is working!

Here’s more detail on the last two weeks – this data comes from StatCounter.  Prior to 1/24 we were getting 5,000-6,000 views/day.  Since then, we are seeing 8,000-10,000/day.    In addition, our unique daily vistors have increased from ~1,500/day to ~2,500/day.  

A check of the BlogAds Soapblox Hive has us in a solid second right now among our Soapblox peers running BlogAds:

BlogWeekly page views
Open Left225,102
Docudharma 64,351
BlueMass Group 56,039
My Left Wing44,956
Burnt Orange Report 38,309
Swing State Project33,263
Blue Jersey 27,674
Calitics 24,593
Michigan Liberal 23,345

Most of these sites are political so you would expect traffic to be high for everyone right about now.

We are also in the Liberal Blog Ads Network Hive if you want to see the stats for some of the BBB (big box blogs). We’re 40th out of 150 in this group.    Daily Kos had 6,726,069(!!!) page views last week.  OK – so we have room to grow.  

In a head-to-head comparison, lets look at some Stats from our evil twin (also born on 8/17!) Political FleshFeast (PFF)… where, incidentally, news of buhdy’s demise has been greatly exaggerated (PFF Killed the Buhdy). heh!!!

peeder’s web stats are a closely guarded state secret, but you can compare the number of essays, comments, and members to get an idea of the relative traffic.   I took this sample as of 02/04 around 7 PM.  All the diaries and comments are numbered consecutively, so all you have to do is click on the top entry of the recent essay and comment lists to find the latest number.    Although our sites were created on the same day, PFF actually kicked off a little earlier than we did.  I registered there on 8/24 after I heard about it on Daily Kos.  That was a few weeks before buhdy posted the DD launch diary on 9/12.    Even so, we have far outpaced them in all categories.  

In conclusion…I am looking forward to a prosperous, perspicacious and prodigious, year!

Dog bless Dharmerica!


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  1. I am a data junkie – and none of these numbers really matter.  What is most important to me is that people have a good time and contibute to the community.

    I am also a joker, I’m a smoker, and a midnight toker.

    (& I love kittehs!)

  2. I did not know all that!

    The SOTB,…!

    Thanks OTB and……have a pony!Photobucket

  3. thank you all of you…..

    this place is vibrant and alive……

    may it always find appropriate scale……

  4. that our editor crew has been blessed with the addition of one undercovercalico….who had an issue with a link and may not appear on your official-type listing…i think pf8 is on that…

    ….what do you expect from a dfh-blog?  

    great essay, otb.  

    • pfiore8 on February 6, 2008 at 04:48

    it’s coooool.

    so is your essay!!!!

  5. That is all great to know — tremendous growth in such a short time.

    Hummmm!  Special forumla?

    Kudos to you, all named that help, and to Buhdy, for putting it all together and maintaining it!

    All we have to do is rant, laugh, cry, get silly, be snarky, etc. And it sure seems there’s no problem in that area!    

  6. …and lovely execution.  If they aren’t paying you, ask for kidneys.

    Would love a discourse on wtf you think of soapblox, sometime, from a dev perspective.

  7. …I did officially resign as a contributing editor of this site.

  8. …elsewhere.  Was one of the reasons I asked.  I’m not a huge java fan for something like this — to say the least — but maturity has benefits :}

    I’ve got rack space, which I use to play/educate myself, and run a few clients.  I was thinking of grabbing the open source version, if/when it goes up, and giving it a whirl, just to have some idea what is involved.  

    • Alma on February 6, 2008 at 06:08

    Its good to know the sites thriving.  I love it here.  🙂

    • Robyn on February 6, 2008 at 06:36


  9. …   Pony, Lotus, Buddha Eyes!

        I like your dharma wheel!

        Now I’m gonna watch the cat clip again!  Meow!

    • OPOL on February 6, 2008 at 14:06

    put me down as in favor.

    Thanks for the progress report OTB.  It’s so good to see that the surge working.  We all knew that it would didn’t we?  I mean really, how could it miss?

    Oh, and happy birthday buhdy (in case I forget in August)!  🙂

    • Temmoku on February 7, 2008 at 01:22

    It has a certain class that is very appealing and, yet, very meaningful!

    Besides the editors here do a fantastic job!

    • Pluto on February 7, 2008 at 01:56

    Kudos to the entire team! Impressive.

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