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Exactly Right!

As some of you know I frequent RedState myself on occasion but this particular gem I owe to TBogg.

From a discussion of McSame’s VP choices-

With respect, that’s (excluding former officials of the current administration- ek) just the wrong approach to take. We have to build up a farm team of Presidential prospects. It just does not do to create a Caste of Untouchables merely because their resumes indicate that they have been doing something fairly important at some point in time between January 20, 2001 and the present day. We deprive ourselves of talent that way. And again, we could pick the Angel Gabriel himself, the Heavenly Host could sound its approval and the Lord could issue his unqualified endorsement but at most, that would cause a 48 hour delay before the negative ads start coming in.

Additionally–and this issue cannot be emphasized enough–as much as you and I may be (and are) disappointed with various aspects of the Bush Administration’s job performance, let us remember that we are criticizing the Administration from the right. A critique from the right, however, may not emerge as the dominant critique of the Bush Administration and indeed, thus far, the dominant critique has come from the left.

If we allow the left to continue critiquing, allow that critique to become the dominant narrative and then declare that consideration of Bush Administration officials for high office is verboten, we are effectively silencing a very large portion of our counter-message against the left’s critique and allowing that critique to morph into a larger narrative against Republicans and conservatives in general. In other words, by our silence, by our cooperation in shunning very competent Bush Administration officials when it comes to considerations for high office merely because they served in the Bush Administration, we will allow George W. Bush and anyone who served with him–no matter how good–to be used as bludgeons against Republicans and conservatives for decades.

This is already happening; there have been any number of seminars and presentations on the Left that have argued that the “failures” of the Bush Administration constitute “failures” of conservatism proper. By practicing The Politics Of Leprosy when it comes to personnel decisions, we are implicitly giving running room to that critique. And don’t think it will stop there; there is no reason to think that Cabinet decisions will not be subject to The Politics Of Leprosy as well. Give the Left an inch and it will take the height of the Roman Empire.

Pejman Yousefzadeh

My emphasis.

The Politics of Leprosy.

Preach it and practice it.

McCain is Running on Empty

Also posted at orange

No, it’s not because he is a former P.O.W. and conservatives like that in a candidate, and it’s not because he’s a self proclaimed “maverick”. Harold Myerson thinks it’s because he exemplifies, to conservatives, an alternative to Rovian Politics.


(I think you need a [free] subscription to WaPo to read this, I’ll take a few fair use paragraphs below for those that don’t want to provide WaPo an email address)

A Grudging Tip of the Hat to My Foe

Admit it: You’ve done it before.

No, not that; that’s gross.  What I meant was, every once in while, you creep over to the wing of the house that you’ve been told not to got to, the one about which the rumors swirl dark and evil.  In the dead of night, perhaps, or for a few minutes from the anonymity of a work computer, you click over to Free Republic or Little Green Footballs or Michelle Malkin (sorry no links; I seem to have momentarily forgotten how to do that), and you marvel at the vapidity.  Bereft of ideas and unencumbered by conscience, these last defenders of the indefensible are a case study in the death of a political movement, and in their final throes (heh) they’re apt to say the darndest things.

But every once in a while, a post like this one (danger: RedState) can actually do some good, either by helping a progressive see things in a different light or by exposing the vitriol that is the sole foundation of the “philosophy” of some wingnuts.  The one linked above, entitled Freakin’ Awesome Obama Music Video did both for this moonbat, and I just gotta tip my hat to author Ericka Andersen.

Before This Day Is Done

it is possible that the contest for the soul of the Democratic Party will be between conservatives and liberals rather than between genders and mythological races.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not forecasting that the Rapture is about to commence.  It is little more than a wan hope but I was surprised that even a sodden bastion of the MSM would spy such a wondrous mirage in the intellectual desert.  Newsweek asked if maybe the contest would be between Obama and Edwards after New Hampshire.

(I couldn’t immediately lay my hands on the article but try to believe me.  I saw it. I swear I did.  I had intended this entry as a critique when I started it. Maybe I am delusional. :-()

If any object that Obama is far from an ideal symbol of conservatism and maybe Edwards even less so as a stand-in for liberalism, I admit to the problem in advance.

Still the relative elitist against the mill worker’s son, the man who wants to get along for smooth sailing compared to the man who wants to make waves to rock the boat is a symbolism that only a Chris Matthews or Tim Russert could be blind to.

Could it happen?

“All things are possible,” says the Good Book.

Sometimes I wish I weren’t a committed heretic.

Best,  Terry

William F. Buckley Interviews Al Gore

William F. Buckley:  We are so delighted to have you here, Mr. Gore.  I seldom see another conservative like myself with maudlin thoughts dressed up in convoluted prose that the Great Unwashed don’t understand.  Your obfuscation of the issues is majestic.  You even managed to be elected president as a [heh heh] Democrat.  Took Scalia to overrule the electorate.  But perhaps you will tell us why, as one of us, you despise environmentalism so much.  Is it because you are looking forward to owning ocean front property in Tennessee?

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