riad photo ria_zps3644d703.jpgEdger let me know that RiaD has died. She left us on December 18.

RiaDarlin’. Fairy dust and magic. but she had a bite. and she could write. she was fierce and brave. she didn’t have a sweet nature, but a kind and forgiving one. and Ria knew things, she just did.

whenever i see emeralds in the river or stand in the rain and melt into the ground, i will remember her. as the clouds march across the skies like floats in thanksgiving day parades, i will smile and think: Ria helped me see such things.

when the snow falls and the streets go silent and the darkness is lit by moonlight, i will let go her name and see her form in the moist frost, knowing that it’s magic. whatever they think it is and whatever they call it, physics or science or religion or nothingness. it is magic. we are magic. the universe is the sorcerer and we are hatchlings spread out and swirling around planets in great gaseous lights or walking, swimming, flying on a tiny blue dot in system with a sun.

she knew it and that life was everywhere, flowing as urgently in the still and static stone as the heart beating within her. i miss her. i will never forget her. and how to connect in a free fall.

i love you RiaDarlin’… peef.


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    • TMC on December 23, 2013 at 03:42

    May the Goddess guide her on her journey to the Summerlands. May her family and friends and the world fine Peace.

    Dante’s Prayer

    When the dark wood fell before me

    And all the paths were overgrown

    When the priests of pride say there is no other way

    I tilled the sorrows of stone

    I did not believe because I could not see

    Though you came to me in the night

    When the dawn seemed forever lost

    You showed me your love in the light of the stars

    Cast your eyes on the ocean

    Cast your soul to the sea

    When the dark night seems endless

    Please remember me

    Then the mountain rose before me

    By the deep well of desire

    From the fountain of forgiveness

    Beyond the ice and fire

    Cast your eyes on the ocean

    Cast your soul to the sea

    When the dark night seems endless

    Please remember me

    Though we share this humble path, alone

    How fragile is the heart

    Oh give these clay feet wings to fly

    To touch the face of the stars

    Breathe life into this feeble heart

    Lift this mortal veil of fear

    Take these crumbled hopes, etched with tears

    We’ll rise above these earthly cares

    Cast your eyes on the ocean

    Cast your soul to the sea

    When the dark night seems endless

    Please remember me

    Please remember me

  1. I fell into tears just as I learned of RiaD’s passing. I think so many of us came to really KNOW her, in so many ways. . . and it’s hard to fathom that she is now gone.  

    Many of us knew her from way back in the early days of docudharma.com, and followed her from there.

    Long ago, she had taken a picture of her surroundings out the back of her house.  There were a few chairs and a lot of trees and fireflies buzzing all about and she called it “Firefly Theatre.”  It was so unique and magical, such that I never, to this day, forgot.  But that’s because she was unique!

    Of course, we’re gonna’ miss her enormously!  

    May you rest in Shalom, dear Ria!

    (Pf8, it’s a sad day for us!>

  2. Your heart was always true, Ria.  May you journey on to light the day . . .

    RiaD . . .


    she rises as the sun sinks

    checks her lantern then

    makes her way to the others

    one by one

    where they lay in the field

    catching alight, from one to another

    they travel low through the grasses

    going carefully

    as the sun disappears

    they rise then, their lanterns twinkling

    the band tunes up

    haltingly at first,

    sawing out the first number

    then in harmony and rounds

    they play less discordantly

    their voices aquiver

    the lanterns sway and twinkle

    as the dancers rise and fall

    and rise again

    soon they are among the treetops

    a gentle reflection of the stars

    the fireflies dance

    Ria . . . you were a gentle reflection of the stars.  You will be remembered, you will be missed, you will always be loved.  


    • Metta on December 23, 2013 at 17:08

    I will miss her earthly presence.  Her welcoming nature and toughness were inspirational.  I loved her garden updates and could almost picture myself  in her yard.  Thank you for posting that beautiful picture.

  3. Ria.

    • polm on January 5, 2014 at 19:50

    You are missed.

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