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A new round of nuclear lies

Original article by John Pilger via socialistworker.org and originally published in the Guardian.  Subheaded: A look at the “progression of lies” surrounding the August 6, 1945, dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima provides insight into how those lies are being repeated for new wars today.

Joe Lieberman-Sith Lord of the Evil Empire

I have said before “left” and “right” in America serve mostly as marketing type focus groups.  “Discussions” emerge for the sole purpose of discovering what is most destructive to America and how media can best promote it.

Note here that in 1992, yes that was 1992 Kyoto made China and India CARBON EMISSION EXEMPT.  Can I say that again louder.

Joe Lieberman however has “stepped” forward several times now with policies, beliefs and stances which should be in direct conflict with rational normal thinking.  It is as if he is in training for Henry Kissinger’s slot, high up in the Satanic organization that runs the world, The Illuminati.

The Day After Tomorrow Week 3.5

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I killed a man today.

I actually killed a man today.Dear God.

  He had been firing shots into our house with an automatic weapon. Just missed my son. 

I’m writing on his Blackwater Laptop that I stole out of his truck. Got some cool night vision thingies and some kevlar too. Oh, and ammo.