Joe Lieberman-Sith Lord of the Evil Empire

I have said before “left” and “right” in America serve mostly as marketing type focus groups.  “Discussions” emerge for the sole purpose of discovering what is most destructive to America and how media can best promote it.

Note here that in 1992, yes that was 1992 Kyoto made China and India CARBON EMISSION EXEMPT.  Can I say that again louder.

Joe Lieberman however has “stepped” forward several times now with policies, beliefs and stances which should be in direct conflict with rational normal thinking.  It is as if he is in training for Henry Kissinger’s slot, high up in the Satanic organization that runs the world, The Illuminati.

The Bill is S 2191, America’s Climate Security Act.  Note how the little fucking fascists just have to get that word “Security” in there.…

This is what a premier anti-New World Order site has to say about Joe and some other asshole Warner.…

Digg it, redit, email it, call fax and email your congress idiots and tell them we don’t want to stand in the breadlines that won’t exist just like Katrina victims.  Hell, we are all going to be Katrina victims.

We know that the entire Pacific Fleet departed for God knows where.

Oh, and rememeber yesterday when I said there was an absence of cops gone wild?…

Lou Dobbs, as close to mainstream as it is going to get.…

Current advice centers around planning the great electronic disconnect.  Food after all takes priority over broadband internet.  At work everything is censored now such that it’s the equivalent of dial up AOL for five year olds.

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  1. But Lou Dobbs is an ass and if he said the sun was shining on a Monday morning in Manhattan with not a cloud in the sky, I’d still ask for a second opinion.

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