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Banner Contest ll

From News Corpse:


The Banner Contest continues as voluminous cheers and huzzahs spread throughout the land!

This is a long term project so there is no rush on submissions, take your time and create something beautiful, if you are so inclined. The idea that seems to be popular is to have a few different banners and rotate them. I like that idea, especially because it means that there is ALWAYS a banner contest going on! Whenever you come up with something fabulous, either publish an essay or just e-mail it to us. The main thing is to stimulate our creativity and creation.  

My banner entry!

Well, here goes. I slapped this together in a few minutes.

The text and eyes are very tough because I just stole them from the current banner and didn’t have time to do a good crop job on them. If OPOL would send me the PSD then I’d fix it up. Any idea’s? Comments?

Figured I should at least try.

Banner Contest!

Step right up Ladies and germs and make your entries!

There are no rules, no guidelines, and no real time limit. If we don’t use it now, we MAY use it later. I must admit that I have certain prejudices, I love OPOL’s eyes and the space theme and would be thrilled to have designs that incorporate them.

As Zwoof did here in a draft of his early entry


But it doesn’t HAVE to be a tweak or variation of OPOL’s excellent design…if you want or need to come up with something completely different and original, please do NOT hesitate to go for it! In spite of my prejudices….it will be the decision of the community, through a vote or series of votes that determines the winer, so my prejudices are not really germane! Or Tito!

OK, I can’t think of anything else to say! I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the comments.

Banner stuff

Here’s the old idea from Magnifico and myself:

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I messed with this some.


How the banner developed. 

I thought you guys might find this amusing…