Banner Contest ll

From News Corpse:


The Banner Contest continues as voluminous cheers and huzzahs spread throughout the land!

This is a long term project so there is no rush on submissions, take your time and create something beautiful, if you are so inclined. The idea that seems to be popular is to have a few different banners and rotate them. I like that idea, especially because it means that there is ALWAYS a banner contest going on! Whenever you come up with something fabulous, either publish an essay or just e-mail it to us. The main thing is to stimulate our creativity and creation.  

ALL entries and ideas are welcome…even just a concept that someone else may end up riffing on. IF you are going to use or expand on someone else’s concept…or elements that they have created….please make SURE to credit them. From there, we will be happy to facilitate any cooperation and collaboration, if the banner gets used, to make sure every one gets their due.

There are no rules, per se. But we do like the idea of having some variation of the eyes (this variation was made by carpunder)Photobucket that OPOL created for our beautiful original banner….and we want to use the same font. And On The Bus has compiled our color chart for your convenience.


Buddha gold (#E8B34B), light Buddha gold (#FADA91), royal blue (#0066CC),  dark blue (#233678), maroon (#A31A21) (l-r).

That being said…if you knock our sox off with something that doesn’t use those elements…that will be great!


Some of the submissions so far, if I have left yours out, please publish it in the comments BEFORE throwing something at me. These are all just drafts of course.



From Populista



Concepts from pfiore8



From nocatz



From James Risser



Concept from Knucklehead (click here for his explanation)



From Zwoof




So there you have it! I will publish another essay in two weeks or so with any new submissions ad the we will go from there.

I want to effusively thank everyone who is submitting. It is fun for us….and who knows, maybe YOU could get your creation on our FP to greet every visitor to the site!


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  1. Photobucket

    Work too!

  2. very creative……

  3. ones here and varied.

  4. I’m less involved here than many (though I hang my hat here as much as anywhere these days), but I think that the question of a banner revision depends largely on what you do with the slogan.  I don’t know if this has already come up before and been resolved, but even if it has you know that that would not stop me.

    As I read diaries here, I don’t think that this blog is so much now, if it ever was, about “blogging the future,” whatever that is taken to mean.  In fact, it seems to be extremely “present-minded,” in a positive sense.  So my question is whether you’d consider revising the slogan, which features so prominently in most of the above submissions.  (Disclosure: I’ve never much liked the slogan because it seemed to introduce an “X-filesy” flavor that doesn’t jibe well with the Buddhist-philosophy-informed activism that, as much as anything, seems to typify the site.  But that’s just my reaction.)

    Here’s my first (bad) suggestion to get things going:

    “Clearing political chakras since 2007.”

    Do with that example — and the more serious larger suggestion — what you will.

    • pfiore8 on February 17, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    i love it. love the colors, the eyes. He made me even love the font, of which i am not a fan.

    also enamored with knucklehead’s buddha projecting… and the idea of changing the thing being projected (like the tiger, pony, or eyes)

    that was the intent of my concept…  rotating elements… and intro fonts that i liked more than the original. having said that, i would keep the font with News Corpse’s banner. he convinced me.

    i keep going back to News Corpse and it catches so much. it’s beautiful.

    • dkmich on February 17, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    I can think of anything more awe inspiring than the heavens.  Shots from Hubble.

  5. But I’d like to vote for News Corpse. Very good work!

    • RiaD on February 18, 2008 at 2:22 am

    is there a preferred size/shape?

    i notice squares and rectangles…

    The idea that seems to be popular is to have a few different banners and rotate them. I like that idea, especially because it means that there is ALWAYS a banner contest going on!


  6. I like the News Corpse banner. I thought the flash was the rise of enlightenment, something this site projects, a word  Pfiore8 mentioned while veiling a nice compliment on a banner I submitted.

    The eyes seem to be doing a “double take” of realization, that enlightenment is actually occurring.

    (Thanks pfiore8)

  7. but they are all very well done in their own ways.

    James Risser’s design would also make a great T-shirt.

  8. Photobucket



    Basically, I don’t like montages, I don’t need the easternisms, and I’ve always thought Lennon didn’t belong.

    I do like type treatments and type as logos instead of excessive, nebulously related imagery.

    I’ve always liked the color palatte chosen for DD, and I like starscapes, so… that’s it.

    The eye in the first one strikes me as a bit Orwell- actually, any of the eye designs do- but I thought I’d try one to see if I’d still dislike it, and it’s okay.

    I think the middle one is my pick of the 3. The third is straddling the line between minimalist and empty.

    And remember, gang, I actually am a paid professional designer, so occasionally I know what I’m doing. 🙂

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