Male Template Expired: No More Extensions (Bailouts)

Imagine a United Nations body responsible for the recall of faulty human systems. Surely they would recall the “male template.” Its 10,000 year warranty has expired. Further extensions or bailouts will only exacerbate a doomed strategy.

Its faulty wiring system has resulted in a deranged habituation to violence and war since the beginnings of “civilization” and history. As to the previous hunter-gatherer period, when women had a voice in decision-making, we are in the dark. I wonder who turned out the lights

Furthermore, an imbalance in their sexual identity-brought about when they unceremoniously overthrew women-has caused them to rely on the bigger-is-better syndrome (a strategy that dogs-wisely-gave up long ago).

Their imbalanced sexual identity–seen in their hyper-masculinity and testosterone-fueled aggression–has led to ongoing conflicts with women, as well as problems interacting with people in general. That explains their tendency to wake up and find themselves at war.

More alarming is their insecurity and fear. This leads men to lie and cover up their mistakes and weaknesses rather than learn from them. Their addictive habit of bailing each other out-government money bailing out corporate greed-is counterproductive, counterintuitive, as well as counterfeit.

These cover-ups or bail outs, whether of Wall Street or Detroit (or the U.K. covering for the USA in the Iraq fiasco), offer continued cover for a hopeless male template that has outrun its usefulness. It can’t help but fall into one catastrophe after another.

Incompetence is rewarded, simply because men work both ends. They’re in charge of the whole show.

Only women could question men’s competence. And they’ve been in recovery from 10,000 years of enforced subjugation and harassment. The Greeks, men of course, decided that women were incompetent 2,500 years ago. After that, if a woman questioned a man’s integrity, rationality or virility, she was demonstrating her own irrationality.

Which is why the special UN body needs to have a majority of women (certified female: no Albrights, Thatchers or Palins need apply-these women demonstrate a remarkable affinity for thinking like men, particularly when it comes to warfare–so that they can finally bring this nightmarish period of history to a close.

The male template needs to be retired.It’s failed in its 10,000-year quest to build a viable civilization. And, like the failed Detroit models it’s been producing for the last forty years, it needs to join the scrap heap of history.

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    • Pluto on February 5, 2009 at 7:56 am

    Women are smarter than men, right?

    They can handle pain and discomfort better, right?

    They are more pragmatic about survival, right?

    And, they raise the little boys!!!

    Women could have reprogrammed those little rascals and taken over anytime they wanted. But, unfortunately, women are under-achievers.

    And, they also raise the little girls!!!

    To be nice timid underachievers, as well.

    Historically speaking, of course.

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